Component: Docking Toolbar

The Docking Toolbar is now available on the Adobe Flex Exchange (click the Exchange link if the direct component link doesn’t seem to work). You may post questions and feedback in the comments here and the authors will try to respond.

15 Responses to Component: Docking Toolbar

  1. adiraj says:

    hi,i want to create a dockable tool bar which can move around anywhere in the screen.. can anyone help me with how to go about it

  2. levancho says:

    in flex 3 when I dock the toolbar it leaves undocked panel header on the screen, I notices this does not happen if I dont iclude docker.css file, but then all styles are gone

  3. Rekha digari says:

    Hi,I create 6 docable tool bars and added to the dockers , now i want to rearrange the position of docable tool bars.Thanks

  4. sean2078 says:

    Hi,Thanks for working on this component. How hard would it be to change the look n feel of the toolbar (color/button wise). Doe the toobar support color icons for buttons? Anyone know off hand?Thanks – have a good one,S.

  5. Peter Carlson says:

    3 Questions:1. Is it possible to have a vertical toolbar docked on the right?2. Is it possible to dock the 2nd toolbar at row 2 instead of to the right of #1?3. The last control of the toolbar is a textbox. Is it possible to make the text box size position x to bar width – 5 pixels for a border. In other words width=100% right=5Peter

  6. Sebastien says:

    Hi,I include a component in folder (${FRAMEWORKS}\libs\Docker.swc) and include in my first line in project xmlns:fc=” manifest.xml”.The application return 3 errors :- unable to load SWC Docker.swc: multiple points- 1017; Définition de la classe de base introuvable.- Could not resolve to a component implementation.Can you help me ?Seb

  7. Ram says:

    The source for docker is already in the package (under src directory)

  8. Chris says:

    Any plans to release the source?

  9. Chris J. says:

    Oops. I meant,…*NOT* draggable…instead of…bit draggable…

  10. Chris J. says:

    It seems that children added at runtime to an mxml Docker are bit draggable. However if the Docker is created in actionscript then new children at runtime works as expected….hmm, mxml code is being stripped from comment, but basically this is not working.””SCRIPT””var toolbar : DockableToolBar = new DockableToolBar;var nametag : Label = new Label;nametag.text = “Chris”;toolbar.addChild(nametag);toolbar.label = “Toolbar 1″;docker.addChild(toolbar);””MXML””Docker id=”docker” width=”100%” height=”100%”

  11. Matt Chotin says:

    The license for the components we put out is essentially the “sample code” portion of our normal Flex 2 EULA. So I believe it’s pretty permissive for your purposes.

  12. Ajit Gosavi says:

    Hi Gordon,I am not a linux geek but looking at command i guess it has to do with source-path.The namespace is mapped to package structure and is defined in manifest file. so source-path should be root of package (same as in windows file)Try changing source-path argument to point to “src”. command as below might workgordonguthrie@gg-laptop:~/flex/samples/Docker$ /home/gordonguthrie/flex/bin/compc -source-path ~/flex/samples/Docker/src -output bin/Docker.swc -include-namespaces= -namespace manifest.xml -library-path /home/gordonguthrie/flex/frameworks/libs/Another note, the component is not tested on linux specifically

  13. Gordon says:

    I’m struggling to build this under Linux (just beginning to use Flex 2/Flash)…You provide a build script for Windows and a built binary Docker.swcWhen I tried to build the sample they blew up with the following error:gordonguthrie@gg-laptop:~/flex/samples/Docker/samples/EditingToolBar$ /home/gordonguthrie/flex/bin/mxmlc -l=/home/gordonguthrie/flex/samples/Docker/bin/Docker.swc –keep-generated-actionscript –strict=true –file-specs EditingToolbar.mxmlLoading configuration file /home/gordonguthrie/flex/frameworks/flex-config.xmlError: unable to load SWC Docker.swc: multiple pointsAah, sez I, it must be because Docker.swc is built as a windows binary – lets fix that…So I read up the windows build script (aargh, don’t do Windows scripting either!), the relevant section reads:”%SDKDIR:”=%\bin\compc.exe” -source-path src -output bin\Docker.swc -include-namespaces= -namespace manifest.xml -library-path %SDKDIR%\frameworks\libsSo I try and translate this into a Linux command line, my try looks like:gordonguthrie@gg-laptop:~/flex/samples/Docker$ /home/gordonguthrie/flex/bin/compc -source-path ~/flex/samples/Docker/src/com/adobe/flex/extras/containers/ -output bin/Docker.swc -include-namespaces= -namespace manifest.xml -library-path /home/gordonguthrie/flex/frameworks/libs/But this gives me some errors:Loading configuration file /home/gordonguthrie/flex/frameworks/flex-config.xmlError: could not find source for class com.adobe.flex.extras.containers:FlowContainer in namespace another question – the Flex 2 toolkit is under a permissive license (looks BSD-ish) but this is under a non-commercial license… Any reason why? Will it get a permissive license at Release 1.0TIAGordon

  14. Looks fairly funky, any chance of a demo URL ?

  15. Erki Esken says:

    That Exchange site just plain doesn’t work with Opera 9 for Mac. Please have the Exchange fixed or serve the components through other means.