Flex 2.0.1 is here (OSX support, bug fixes, and much more)

Just before the holidays, the Flex team put the finishing touches on an important update to the Flex products, and now we’re happy to say that Flex 2.0.1 is available on the Adobe web site. The official announcement isn’t for a few days, but you can get the bits starting now.

In addition to fixing lots of bugs, the 2.0.1 release adds some great stuff to Flex, including:
* Flex Builder support for OS X (PPC and Intel) and Eclipse 3.2
* Support for automated functional testing, including Mercury QuickTest Pro integration
* A number of new features in the free SDK, including modules, dynamic CSS, and native support for FlashType encoding.

For a more complete rundown, see the Logged In article by Matt Chotin in the DevCenter.

How do you get it?
If you’re already a Flex Builder or Flex Data Services customer, you can download the updaters from the Flex support center.

If you’ve been waiting for Flex Builder on the Mac, you can buy a copy now from the
online store
. The Mac version will be available through all of our other channels shortly.

You can also download the free trial or the updated version of the free Flex SDK (http://www.adobe.com.go/tryflex).

Is it safe to migrate?
Applications developed with Flex 2.0 should recompile seamlessly with 2.0.1, but make sure you look through the release notes for any gotchas.

We hope you enjoy the update and look forward to seeing the results.

8 Responses to Flex 2.0.1 is here (OSX support, bug fixes, and much more)

  1. win says:

    I would like to download.

  2. Ryan says:

    Ali – so you were told you had to basically kill your Windows license in order to get your mac license?

  3. Chester says:

    Is there any installer still available for the 2.0 version before the upgrade? We have a situation where we need to install a previous version.

  4. DEBEDb says:

    The code completion seems broken in Eclipse 3.2. Before this, I could code-complete on some partial class name and would get it automatically imported. Now it looks like it’s broken… Ideas?

  5. Phil Costa says:

    Renaun,The updater will update Flex Builder and the copies of the SDK and charting that are included with it. If you want to use the new version of FDS, you can just download the new trial and have it create a new WAR file with the updated JARs.

  6. Ali Daniali says:

    So here is my experience with Adobe so far…I called Adobe Customer Service to get a cross platform serial (I have FB2 for Windows and now have a MBP). After an hour and ten minutes (35 min of hold time) on the phone, the story I got was the following. 1) I needed to fill out and fax back to Adobe a document called “Letter of Software Destruction”, 2) then call BACK into Adobe and give them my case number, 3) where they will release the order and have it shipped to me. I have to pay for the shipping on actual media that needs to be sent, as they don’t have the download version available! What a mess and a tease.Anyways if you are in the same boat, and what I experienced is truly normal, be ready for the run around and long hold times.-AD

  7. Paul Whitelock says:

    Does the updater update Flex Charting and Flex Data Services to 2.0.1? The information on the page seems to indicate that in order to update Flex Charting and Flex Data Services you need to perform additional installs. Is this correct? If so, does that mean that you have to uninstall Flex Builder 2.0 and install the Flex Builder 2.0.1 demo which includes Flex Charting?

  8. Matt’s article on the DevCenter is a nice summary. I just installed the update over my existing install and all seems to work, some times project files break when I have done this, but so far its working.Thanks Flex Team!