Flex Developer Certification is Here!

Well it took a little while but you can now become an Adobe Certified Expert in Flex 2! As of this posting the Adobe web site isn’t updated but the most important info is in the Exam Preparation Guide (this is a local copy so the most up-to-date version will eventually be on adobe.com).

You can register for an exam via Thomson Prometric today and Pearson VUE will be available in a few days. The exam costs $150 US or local currency equivalent.

Go get certified!

12 Responses to Flex Developer Certification is Here!

  1. Darren says:

    It’s strange that with so much competition in the RIA sphere from Silverlight and JavaFX that Adobe has been so tardy with Flex 3 certification. I think it’s pretty obvious that most programmers have to work for a living and they’re much more likely to learn a new language/framework if they can get certified. Most programmers don’t have the time to learn a new language/framework just for fun. They know that if they can put a certification on their resume and differentiate themselves from the crowd, they can increase their employability. There’s thousands of Java developers just waiting to be wooed across to the Flex world and Adobe should be giving them all the incentive they can to make the leap.I’m saying this because I really enjoy programming in Flex and I want it to stay the dominant RIA platform. Besides, surely the money Adobe makes directly from certification easily outweighs the resources needed to create the exam, not to mention the extra copies of flex Builder it sells by getting more and more programmers on board?Matt response: I’ve checked and we think certification is in its final stages before being published.

  2. Joel Birchler says:

    Hi Matt. Any word on that Flex 3 exam?Matt sez: Not yet…

  3. Nazeer says:

    Hi.I’m Glad to say that I did my Flex 2 Certification and Scored 95%…The Exam tool is really Cool…… I took 35 min to complete the exam….Now I’m happy after 3 month’s of preparation… :)email : nazeer_hussian@yahoo.comNazeerChennai, Indai

  4. Matt says:

    Hi, usually exams are available 3 months or so after the product releases.

  5. Zohar Babin says:

    When will the Flex 3 exam be available ?

  6. Ravi says:

    Hi,I am using FB3.I have a question in using pie chart. i have assigned a dataprovider to pie chart and it shown like dividing into segment and each segments has a label which is callout through line. My question is i want to select the label and corresponding segment should get selected in the chart and vice-versa.

  7. bill says:

    Can you refer me to a Flex developer in the Chicago area?

  8. Andy says:

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  9. Maurício Machado says:

    Finally! 🙂

  10. Matt Chotin says:

    There is a sample test at the bottom of the guide.

  11. Quantium says:

    May be the F1 key

  12. shajahan says:

    hi,this is not a preperation guide.this doc. just gives an outline about the flex cetrification exam. Is there any preperation guide in detail or sample test available for flex certification. also what’s the minimum score to secure the flex certification?