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Flex Ant Tasks Updated

The Flex Ant tasks have been updated. When the compc or mxmlc tasks fail, Ant now throws a build error, and we also fixed some minor problems in the included build.xml. Go download the updated version if these would apply to you.

The Flex Team’s Component Plans

There have been requests for public guidance on what components Adobe will be releasing in the future, especially since there are developers who would like to make or extend components on their own without then having Adobe duplicate their efforts. In that spirit we’d like to share our current thinking.

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Flex Campaign for Java Developers to launch on Monday

We’d like to inform you of an upcoming Flex Developer segment campaign for Java developers, featuring Java industry influencer and author, Bruce Eckel, set to launch Monday, February 13th, with a BIG BANG! The goal of our campaign is to introduce Flex to the millions of Java developers out there who are struggling with building beautiful, engaging and dare we say “sexy” UIs.

One of the keys of the campaigns is focused communications from developers to developers, to talk in their specific language, which in this case is Java. James Ward , Christophe Coenraets and Bruce Eckel are the key spokespeople. Bruce’s latest blog, Hybridizing Java , is already getting positive response in the blogosphere, and Christophe’s new 30 minute test drive is a key application that will introduce developers to Flex and get them interested and hopefully hooked. And James, well, James is going to be everywhere Java developers live as he is booked for every JUG, Posse and Roundup we can book him into over the next four months, with Christophe providing backup support for those days he is double booked!

Following is a more detailed overview of the key elements of the campaign.

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