Flex Ant Tasks Updated

The Flex Ant tasks have been updated. When the compc or mxmlc tasks fail, Ant now throws a build error, and we also fixed some minor problems in the included build.xml. Go download the updated version if these would apply to you.

2 Responses to Flex Ant Tasks Updated

  1. Matt Chotin says:

    When you compile an application it will compile all dependencies. Right now MXMLC doesn’t allow you to compile multiple applications that would produce multiple SWFs at once.

  2. Alistair says:

    Oops, commented on the wrong entry. Sorry about that. Anyway once again..Can we please please get a wildcard feature in for the compiler task? Unless I am mistaken you currently have to specify _every_ single mxml file you want compiled with a new entry. The java ant task lets you specify a wild card and an output directory and it gets on with it.