Flex Campaign for Java Developers to launch on Monday

We’d like to inform you of an upcoming Flex Developer segment campaign for Java developers, featuring Java industry influencer and author, Bruce Eckel, set to launch Monday, February 13th, with a BIG BANG! The goal of our campaign is to introduce Flex to the millions of Java developers out there who are struggling with building beautiful, engaging and dare we say “sexy” UIs.

One of the keys of the campaigns is focused communications from developers to developers, to talk in their specific language, which in this case is Java. James Ward , Christophe Coenraets and Bruce Eckel are the key spokespeople. Bruce’s latest blog, Hybridizing Java , is already getting positive response in the blogosphere, and Christophe’s new 30 minute test drive is a key application that will introduce developers to Flex and get them interested and hopefully hooked. And James, well, James is going to be everywhere Java developers live as he is booked for every JUG, Posse and Roundup we can book him into over the next four months, with Christophe providing backup support for those days he is double booked!

Following is a more detailed overview of the key elements of the campaign.

ONLINE & EMAILSOur online campaign will run from February 12th to the end of March, canvassing the 13 most popular java sites with high frequency driving millions of impressions. The ads will be running on: JavaWorld, JavaLobby, Java.net, The ServerSide.com, JavaPro, DMXzone, O’Reillly OnJava.com, Dev Shed, Slashdot, Dr. Dobbs portal, InfoQ, FTP Online, JDJ, Artima developer, Earthweb and The Code Project.We will also be sending targeted emails to over 100,000 developers who subscribe to JavaLobby and JavaPro.EVENTSYou’ll see Adobe at most of the major java related events over the next few months, including local JUG meetings, industry events and developer tours. You can see the most updated list on the Flex events page.Java User Group Tour – we will attend over 15 local JUG meetings and conduct a 2nd Day Hands On training session in select citiesConfirmed w/dates• Seattle – 1/16 & 1/17• Mountain View, CA – 2/7• San Francisco, Adobe Hands On Session 2/8;• Kansas City – 3/14• Cincinnati – 3/19 & 3/20• San Jose, Adobe Hands On Session, 3/22• Anne Arbor – 4/3 & 4/4• Sacramento – 4/10• Phoenix – 4/11• Portland – 4/24• San Diego, CA – 05/15• Houston, TX – 06/27• North Carolina TriJUG –July 16 & 17Confirmed without dates:• Orlando, FL• Gainesville, FL• Palo Alto, CAeSeminars – monthly eSeminars on “Flex for the Java Developer” featuring Bruce Eckel and James Ward.• February 27th• March 27th• April 24th• May 22nd3rd Party Java EventseBay Free Flex Conference: March 5-7th 2007 in San Jose. Ted Patrick will be speaking at this event.• Java Posse Roundup, March 6-9. James Ward attending.• QCON Enterprise Conference: March 12-16th in the UK. We will have a booth and Christophe Coenraets will be speaking at this event.• SUN Tech Days: March 19-21st in Paris, France. Gold Sponsor including Keynote session, booth, full registration list.• AJAXWorld: March 19-21st in New York City. We will be a platinum sponsor, partnering with Cynergy. Christophe keynote, 3 speaking sessions and a 10×20 booth.• SD West: March 19-22nd in Santa Clara. James has a speaking session and a 10×10 booth.• O’Reilly eTech: March 26-29th in San Diego. Mike Chambers and Duane Nickull will be speaking at this event and we will have a demo pod.•Web 2.0 Expo: April 15-18th in San Francisco. We will be a platinum sponsor, and will have a speaking session and a 10×20 booth.• JavaOne, http://java.sun.com/javaone/sf/index.jsp. May 8-11: Sponsor, booth and will have an offsite event featuring Bruce Eckel.• BEA Dev2Dev Days World Tour: 25 locations worldwide reaching over 25,000 developersWe would like to thank many of the developers out there who have helped us in building this strategy, providing feedback on our messaging, advertisements and strategy.Sincerely,The Flex Product Marketing Team