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Freeing the Flex SDK From Adobe Login

We’ve made a small but significant change to the Flex SDK today, on the heals of announcing that its now open source. You no longer need an Adobe ID to download the Flex SDK. You can get it immediately by heading to this page and then accepting the license terms. You won’t need to register for anything, or even provide your email address. You’ll only have to click a checkbox to accept the legal terms, and then click to download the file. If you’re linking to the Flex SDK, please update your links to Note that all the links on have been updated.

Flex Going Open Source

We’ve announced some exciting news: we are planning to open source the Flex SDK! Soon not only will the framework source be available (like today) but the source for MXMLC, FDB, and the AS3 compiler will be available as well along with a ton of other pieces. This is a continuation of efforts you have already seen from Adobe starting with Labs, the free SDK with available source, and Tamarin. Now we are inviting the development community to participate more directly in the evolution of Flex. The transition will take time, but we think it’s going to be exciting for all of our existing and new customers.

You can learn more here:

One of the things you’ll see on that site is a link to a forum we’ve created for folks to discuss. We encourage you to subscribe and participate in that forum for any questions and comments you might have.

More to come over the next few months!

Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3

We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 on Labs. This prerelease software works with Flex Builder 2.0.1 or Flex SDK 2.0.1 and the just released Flash CS3 (sorry, trial downloads aren’t available quite yet, but you know you want to buy it anyway). The final version will be a feature of the next version of Flex, codenamed “Moxie.”

We’re especially excited about this feature because it demonstrates our commitment to improving the workflow between designers and developers and the integration between Adobe products. Flash content can now easily be a first-class citizen in a Flex application. Simply have your Flash symbol extend our new UIMovieClip class and you’re ready to go. Some highlights:

  • Flash components can live in a Flex container and all layout will work
  • Flash component frame labels are integrated into the Flex state and transition system
  • Flex Builder will code-hint properly for your Flash component, simply add the SWC to your library path
  • Simple JSFL commands are available to set up new documents as well as publish the Flex-enabled SWC

Please go to Labs and check it out!

You can also see a presentation from Glenn Ruehle during a recent Tech Wednesday introducing the component kit and providing examples. Showcase Available As RSS Feed

Just a quick note that I’ve made a small change to the website. You can now subscribe to an RSS feed for all the Showcase applications. The feed will include every item on the Showcase page. This is an easy way to keep up to date with items that we add to the Showcase. If you’d like to submit an application, just tag it with “” on

New Site Launches

Today I’m pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new version of the website. The site has been redesigned with the purpose of making it easier for people to get started with Flex. There are pages for a number of backend languages, including ColdFusion, Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

The showcase page is brand new, with screenshots and descriptions of applications built with Flex. Add yours to the showcase by adding it to with the “” tag (also a great way to monitor Flex applications). has been integrated into the site, with the support of Clint Modien, who ran the old site. You can find it at

There’s now an Amazon powered bookstore that allows you to easily find Flex and ActionScript books from Amazon. You can find it at Other documentation is easily found from

Finally, we’ve also got a form that you can fill out to get a set of the ActionScript and MXML posters. Its taken far too long for that to get up, but its there now. If you want a set, head over to and fill out the form.

Thank you very much to everyone who provided feedback on the new site. Your help is greatly appreciated. I look forward to following the comments over the next few days as we plan future improvements to the site.

Mike Potter
Flex Developer Marketing