Flex Going Open Source

We’ve announced some exciting news: we are planning to open source the Flex SDK! Soon not only will the framework source be available (like today) but the source for MXMLC, FDB, and the AS3 compiler will be available as well along with a ton of other pieces. This is a continuation of efforts you have already seen from Adobe starting with Labs, the free SDK with available source, and Tamarin. Now we are inviting the development community to participate more directly in the evolution of Flex. The transition will take time, but we think it’s going to be exciting for all of our existing and new customers.

You can learn more here: http://www.adobe.com/go/opensourceflex

One of the things you’ll see on that site is a link to a forum we’ve created for folks to discuss. We encourage you to subscribe and participate in that forum for any questions and comments you might have.

More to come over the next few months!

One Response to Flex Going Open Source

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