Freeing the Flex SDK From Adobe Login

We’ve made a small but significant change to the Flex SDK today, on the heals of announcing that its now open source. You no longer need an Adobe ID to download the Flex SDK. You can get it immediately by heading to this page and then accepting the license terms. You won’t need to register for anything, or even provide your email address. You’ll only have to click a checkbox to accept the legal terms, and then click to download the file. If you’re linking to the Flex SDK, please update your links to Note that all the links on have been updated.

4 Responses to Freeing the Flex SDK From Adobe Login

  1. amit says:

    For learning

  2. Andy says:

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  3. Matt Chotin says:

    Is the download 38 megs? Sounds like there are still files missing, so I still think the download is corrupted.

  4. Glenn Feiner says:

    Hi,I have downloade the SDK to my iBook G4 running Panther. I keep gettng a decompression error (I have tried downloading several times to eliminate any download issues). It does expend into a legal html and 2 sub-folders with a lot of files in those sub-folders. I expected to see either a readme file or a gettingstarted file, so it does seem like I am missing someitems. I have been searching the internet for help, but nothing so far.Can you provide me any help? Do you know where I can find some?ThanksGlenn