New Site Launches

Today I’m pleased to announce that we’ve launched a new version of the website. The site has been redesigned with the purpose of making it easier for people to get started with Flex. There are pages for a number of backend languages, including ColdFusion, Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby on Rails.

The showcase page is brand new, with screenshots and descriptions of applications built with Flex. Add yours to the showcase by adding it to with the “” tag (also a great way to monitor Flex applications). has been integrated into the site, with the support of Clint Modien, who ran the old site. You can find it at

There’s now an Amazon powered bookstore that allows you to easily find Flex and ActionScript books from Amazon. You can find it at Other documentation is easily found from

Finally, we’ve also got a form that you can fill out to get a set of the ActionScript and MXML posters. Its taken far too long for that to get up, but its there now. If you want a set, head over to and fill out the form.

Thank you very much to everyone who provided feedback on the new site. Your help is greatly appreciated. I look forward to following the comments over the next few days as we plan future improvements to the site.

Mike Potter
Flex Developer Marketing

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  3. Don says:

    Typo on Try Flex Builder link (reads Biulder)