Small Update on Flex 3 Pricing/Packaging

We are not announcing final packaging or pricing, but I wanted to try to clear some things up that we’ve seen on the forums and mailing lists.

1) The Flex SDK remains free
2) The charting components and Advanced DataGrid will be part of the Flex Data Visualization Package. This package will remain a commercial offering from Adobe, and source will only be available to those who have an appropriate license. You can use your Flex 2 Charting serial number to remove the watermark and view source during the beta. During the beta we are only shipping the datavisualization.swc as part of Flex Builder, but you can copy the SWC from there to other SDK installations.
3) There will be upgrades available to go from Flex Builder 2 to Flex Builder 3. Pricing is not announced but we think you all will be happy with it.

Hope this helps!