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Flex Camp Slides and Recordings Available

The first ever Flex Camp was held last Friday at the Adobe San Francisco office, and according to blog posts, it was a huge success – over 275 developers were able to attend the event. The biggest news coming out of the keynote presentation by David Wadhwani was the fact that there have been over 2.3 billion, yes billion, installs of Flash Player 9 since it was released. Ted Patrick has more in his blog.

The sessions were all recorded and broadcast over Acrobat Connect, and are now posted online at The 4 sessions include the Flex Camp keynote, Flex and CS 3 Integration, What’s in Flex Builder 3, and Getting Started with Flex and AIR. Enjoy!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve Flex Camp, or are interested in helping us organize the next one, please post them as comments in this blog, or email me (Mike Potter) at mpotter _ at _ adobe _ dot _ com.

– Mike Potter

Flex Camp is Sold Out – Watch It Online

I’m happy to announce that we’ve completely sold out at Flex Camp. In fact, we’ve been sold out for about a week now, with about 30 people on the waiting list to get in. This is looking like a fantastic event to be at – the speakers are all set, the bag of swag is all set, and we’re finalizing the details of the room layout and other items this week. If you’re attending the event, check out the public Flex Camp wiki where you can sign up to speak during the Camp Sessions.

If you can’t make it to the event live in person, you do have a few options. We will be broadcasting the event live using Acrobat Connect. Head to next Friday to watch the Adobe presentations. The Connect sessions will be recorded, and posted once the event is done. We will also be video taping the sessions and will post those after the event is done too.

There’s no better way to learn Flex than to attend a live event. Although Flex Camp is sold out, there are other events coming up that you can attend. 360|Flex is a Flex developer event run by Flex developers. Its happening in Seattle from August 13th to the 15th. That’s three full days of Flex, including hands on sessions, the ability to meet members of the Flex team and more. The conference is already 40% sold out, so <a href="“>register soon.

Adobe MAX is another great opportunity to learn more about Flex, and all the other Adobe technologies too. Adobe MAX is taking place across the world in October and November. Adobe MAX North America takes place in Chicago from September 30th to October 3rd, Adobe MAX Europe takes place in Barcelona from October 15th to the 18th and Adobe MAX Japan takes place November 1st and 2nd in Tokyo, Japan.

– Mike Potter

Learn Flex at Flex Camp – July 27th

Are you looking for a chance to meet the Flex engineering team in person? Are you starting out with Flex and wanting to learn more about it? Are you an experienced Flex developer and looking to meet other Flex developers, or even present sessions at a Flex event? If any of these apply, or you’re just interested in Flex, then FlexCamp is where you want to be. This free event is taking place on July 27th at the Adobe San Francisco office. Like Apollo Camp a few months ago, this one night event will provide you with technical sessions and great networking opportunities. You bring your laptop: we’ll provide the pizza, drinks, beer and gifts.

The event is divided into two sections: the first half of the night are 1 hour sessions from Adobe, going over the vision for Flex, what’s new in Flex 3, how we see designers and developers working together, and building out Flex based AIR applications. The second half of the night is up to you. We’ve setup a wiki where you can sign up to present sessions: anything goes, as long as its related to Flex (or AIR). I’ve already signed up to do a session on PHP and Flex.

You need to register for the event in order to attend, and of course registration is free. We expect this event to fill up very quickly. Members of Adobe Flex User Groups and our Facebook group were informed of the event earlier, so if you’re looking for an inside track on future events, you should join a user group or the Facebook group.