Make sure to test your Flex apps with the latest Player

We need your help in doing compatibility testing with your Flex apps and the latest Player 9 (Moviestar). We’ve already had some customers point out a change in XML behavior that also affects the Proxy service that comes with LCDS. The proxy issue can be addressed by simply recompiling your application with a new rpc.swc that we have in the nightly builds or by recompiling to not use the HTTPChannel and instead use the AMFChannel.

However we need to know how many apps this issue (and any others that you may find) affect so we can take corrective action. In the XML case we are strongly debating whether to leave the breakage in because we think it should affect a small number of users and the bug fix is extremely important and difficult to conditionalize. Feel free to make your voice heard here.

So please, test your apps, and if you find any issues make sure to file them right away at Mark your bug as an injection so we’re aware that it represents a change in behavior.