Make sure to test your Flex apps with the latest Player

We need your help in doing compatibility testing with your Flex apps and the latest Player 9 (Moviestar). We’ve already had some customers point out a change in XML behavior that also affects the Proxy service that comes with LCDS. The proxy issue can be addressed by simply recompiling your application with a new rpc.swc that we have in the nightly builds or by recompiling to not use the HTTPChannel and instead use the AMFChannel.

However we need to know how many apps this issue (and any others that you may find) affect so we can take corrective action. In the XML case we are strongly debating whether to leave the breakage in because we think it should affect a small number of users and the bug fix is extremely important and difficult to conditionalize. Feel free to make your voice heard here.

So please, test your apps, and if you find any issues make sure to file them right away at Mark your bug as an injection so we’re aware that it represents a change in behavior.

11 Responses to Make sure to test your Flex apps with the latest Player

  1. borna says:

    dear matt,at first thanks for your update and then,is there any way for RTL direction (bi-directional texts) in new player, or we must wait again for it?thanks againkind regards….

  2. Big Mad Kev says:

    There seems to be a debug player in the last 40 mb download of the flex 3 sdk in the runtime directory. worked for me yesterday when i tried it 😉

  3. @MattI find this tool invaluable and more robust than the Sephiroth’s.Kewbee Plug-in Switcher

  4. Matt says:

    So we do list the major issues addressed in minor versions in the release notes: we want bug fixes to go out as soon as possible and they do if they won’t cause compatibility problems. Our issue is that the SWF format doesn’t indicate the minor version for which it was compiled, so it is impossible for the Player to distinguish in the case of its bug fixes. We can only do that for major Player versions.Sorry Lance, there is no public debug Player for Moviestar yet. I’d recommend switching back to the debug player that came with FB 3 and filing a bug so we can track it down.

  5. Lance says:

    Is there a debug player available for “Moviestar”. I have a bug and it appears to be the same as one I am encountering with the Flash 9 player that came with Flex Builder 3 Beta1 however I can’t verify what the problem is as I need the debug player to do so. Thanks!

  6. Tom Lee says:

    In the past, I’ve expressed a preference for compatibility-breaking changes to be made in major releases, as opposed to dot releases, for the reason that “superabe” points out: it’s easier to track them. However, I’m kind of torn on this point, because I also would like bug fixes as soon as possible. I agree with superabe: we need some kind of feature matrix that shows when new stuff was added to the player, and when compatibility-breaking changes took place. It’s getting to the point where you can’t simply target a major Flash Player version anymore – you may have to target a minor version. No doubt we’ll soon be asking for market penetration stats on minor player revisions as well. 🙂

  7. Ben says:

    Hi Erik, thats the one I had seen before but the install hadn’t worked. Seems to be working now though. How tough is it to add new versions?

  8. Erik says:

    Hey Ben, there is a FireFox plugin which does what you describe, called Flash Switcher:

  9. superabe says:

    The various minor versions of the Flash Player, are getting to be a hassle to track. The major version number 9 does not make much sense anymore, since we seem to need to track minor versions more closely to see if we can support, Flex 2, video enhancements, framework caching etc.It would be really useful if we can have a page that has a matrix of the significant features in the player/Flex mapped to the minimum required version number of the Player.

  10. Ben says:

    Hi Matt,Have you guys thought at all about releasing a player switcher that would automate moving between different versions of the player? I think people would do a lot more testing of things like this if they could simply open up a Firefox extension or something and tell it which version they want to use. I saw an extension somewhere that claimed to do this but the download links were all fubar.Thanks,Ben