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Beta 2 Baby!

We’re pleased to announce that Flex 3 Beta 2 is now available! Head on over to Labs to check out what we’ve got going on. This also means that AIR Beta 2 is available which is pretty cool.

To see what’s new in Beta 2 you can read Matt’s updated article and check out the updated Flex 3 Feature Introductions which has great videos and writeups of most of the features we’ve introduced in Flex 3.

Enjoy the newest build, and stay tuned for even more exciting info coming out of MAX.

Small Changes to the Flex Showcase

We’ve received a ton of great feedback on the launch of the new Flex showcase at Did you know that there are over 90 live Flex applications in the Flex Showcase already, and we only launched a few days ago! Thanks very much for everyone who has sent feedback either via blog comments or email.

We’re working on implementing the new features for the showcase, but we were able to do one thing yesterday that a lot of people requested.

We’ve removed the new Flex Showcase from launching in a new window, and now have it on the same page as the old Flex showcase, at Doing that solves a few problems. First, it makes it easier to see all the Flex applications – you don’t need to click on a link to see anything. Secondly, this solves a problem with launching new windows in Firefox that were opening up in the pop up window for some people.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. And if you haven’t added your application to the Flex Showcase yet, what are you waiting for? (Flex based AIR applications are also welcome!)
-Mike Potter

Flex Developers Under the CN Tower – Flex Camp Toronto

The Toronto Flex User Group will be hosting Flex Camp Toronto in November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The event takes place November 15th, from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Registration is free, but space is limited. You can register at the Toronto Flex User Group website.
– Mike Potter

RIA Live Chat Transcript Available

In case you missed it, Adobe hosted a live chat the other day about RIA development. Topics included Ajax, Flash, Flex and AIR. The transcript for the chat is now available in two format – its posted below and is also available in PDF format. Its a little long – there were a few hundred questions in the 1.5 hour chat, so use the search function to find the topics that you’re most interested in.

We haven’t decided on when the next live chat will be, but given the great response you can expect us to be hosting more of these in the future.

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A Flex App For – The New Flex Showcase

Today we launched the new Flex Showcase on, and are using a Flex based application created by Teknision for the UI. Finally, a Flex application on! The new Flex showcase is powered by Drupal, an open source PHP framework on the backend. The project has taken 4 months to complete, but we’re really happy about the new look to it.

The showcase improves on a number of areas from the previous showcase. First of all, developers can manage their own applications – you decide on the screenshots, description, title etc… Secondly, you can put much more information into your entry. The description field can be longer than the few lines we had, you can have multiple screenshots and longer titles. Lastly, you can easily categorize your application based on your industry, and what technology you’re using. If you can’t find categories to describe your entry, you can always add as many tags as you like.

Visitors to the Flex Showcase will notice that its really easy to filter based on technology or industry, so you can now find that Flex and Java application in the financial services sector to show as a sample of what can be done. Tags are another way of easily finding applications – you can now find all the video applications easily.

Visitors will also be able to add comments to the applications, as well as vote for them if they like them. A small way to provide feedback on the applications that are in the showcase.

The original showcase had over 120 entries in it, and we’ve moved about 75 of them over to the new showcase. If yours isn’t in the new one, feel free to add it now, and let the world know how many Flex applications there are.

What do you think of the new Flex Showcase?

-Mike Potter

Have Your Flex / AIR Questions Answered Today

Today, from 4:00 PM ET to 5:30 PM ET, we are running an online chat about RIA technologies (Ajax, Flex, AIR and open source), with a few of our top evangelists and experts. James Ward, Ryan Stewart, Matt Chotin and Dave McAllister will all be on hand to answer questions from the general public. If you’ve got questions about the topics mentioned above, head over to the Flex Developer Center around 4:00 PM and click on the banner to join the live chat. The banners will also be posted in an advertising campaign on and this afternoon, beginning at 4:00 PM ET.

Sad News From The Flex Community

It is with great sadness that I’m posting to let you know that a great member of our community passed away on the weekend. Mark Belsterling, manager of the Philadelphia Area Adobe Flex User Group, passed away suddenly on Saturday afternoon. Some details have been posted to the Philly Flash user group site. The post describes the dedication and interest he had in Flex. According to a story from his wife, the only things that he wanted to bring to the hospital were “3 Flex books, 3 sizes of sticky-notes, 2 pens and one highlighter.”

Here is a photo of Mark. His wife Julee is on the far right hand side, and he’s seated next to her.

His wife has asked that if anyone would like to make a donation, to make them to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

– Mike Potter