A Flex App For Flex.org – The New Flex Showcase

Today we launched the new Flex Showcase on Flex.org, and are using a Flex based application created by Teknision for the UI. Finally, a Flex application on Flex.org! The new Flex showcase is powered by Drupal, an open source PHP framework on the backend. The project has taken 4 months to complete, but we’re really happy about the new look to it.

The showcase improves on a number of areas from the previous showcase. First of all, developers can manage their own applications – you decide on the screenshots, description, title etc… Secondly, you can put much more information into your entry. The description field can be longer than the few lines we had, you can have multiple screenshots and longer titles. Lastly, you can easily categorize your application based on your industry, and what technology you’re using. If you can’t find categories to describe your entry, you can always add as many tags as you like.

Visitors to the Flex Showcase will notice that its really easy to filter based on technology or industry, so you can now find that Flex and Java application in the financial services sector to show as a sample of what can be done. Tags are another way of easily finding applications – you can now find all the video applications easily.

Visitors will also be able to add comments to the applications, as well as vote for them if they like them. A small way to provide feedback on the applications that are in the showcase.

The original showcase had over 120 entries in it, and we’ve moved about 75 of them over to the new showcase. If yours isn’t in the new one, feel free to add it now, and let the world know how many Flex applications there are.

What do you think of the new Flex Showcase?

-Mike Potter

16 Responses to A Flex App For Flex.org – The New Flex Showcase

  1. Justintmaj says:


  2. Jaga says:

    Hi,If you release the source code, it would be really helpful for people like us that is trying to explore the possibilities in flex.Hope to see the source code soon.ThanksRegards,Jaga

  3. pRozaC says:

    works well in any browser

  4. Raks says:

    Superb!!!I am waiting for you guys to release source code for this application. Honestly, it will boost the moral of Flex developers like anything.I am tring hard to get the effects that you have given on your site but if the source is available I could use it for reference. Same would be true for manay developers.By the way, just out of curiosity, you mentioned that it was developed in 4 months, would you mind telling how many developers worked for it?Good Work!!!Keep inspiring….Raks

  5. Wow, I’m actually in school reading computer science and we are on Software Engineering and development and I really got an insight in how the course works… but in a real example. I hope your project works out well and that I can see the finished software soon :)I can really see the project size, planning, analysis, design phases take place. awesome

  6. Mike Potter says:

    We haven’t decided to release the source code for it just yet, but we’re thinking about it.And we’ve just implemented the image smoothing, as suggested by João Saleiro. How’s that for speedy development? :)Mike

  7. Chris Guselle says:

    Will Adobe be releasing the source for this?

  8. Adam says:

    Cheers for the info Mike, 4 months sounds more impressive considering it involved learning 2 new techs from scratch then integrating them 🙂

  9. Mike Potter says:

    Thanks for all the comments so far!João Saleiro – I’ve emailed this to the team at Teknision, thanks for the tip.Tony – I’ll think about moving it into the main showcase page, but I don’t think it will look good with the Flex.org navigation on it.Adam – 4 months was the time from idea conception through to execution, including contract creation here at Adobe. It wasn’t 4 months of coding – probably closer to 2.5 months of coding. The majority of the time was spent on the Drupal integration – an intern student on my team (Steven Shongrunden, who blogs at http://hybridhacking.com) wrote the services and sample Flex code to call them. He had no Flex or Drupal experience before joining the team, so he had to learn both of them.As to why we chose Drupal – we wanted a framework that had built in support for user registration and management, content management, categorization and tagging support, and commenting support. Drupal fit the bill, and was the one that I knew the best. (I also use Drupal on my own blog.) Finally, the Flex integration had already been started with Drupal’s services module, so we had a head start with that.Guillaume – Thanks for the tip. Can you reproduce that error?Glen – Great idea. We’ll put that in the suggestion box for the next round of improvements.Thanks everyone for the great feedback. Please keep it coming.Mike

  10. Glen Pike says:

    Hi,Looks good, but I am currently on a “No-Mouse” drive as I am suffering from RSI and it’s not very intuitive trying to navigate with the keyboard.In fact, it’s almost impossible to see details of anything but the featured app because there is no keyboard substitute for “left click” – well I can’t find it anyway – in either the scroll pane of thumbnails at the bottom of the list of apps…One of the things I would hope to see from something like Flex is a convergence in & an ease of implementing keyboard shortcuts fully for applications.ThanksGlen

  11. Guillaume M. says:

    You should use the superImage class for the tileList. The progressive download doesn’t give the best look.And this error should never happen:TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.at org.flex.engine.managers::TagManager/namedTagSearch()at org.flex.engine::FlexEngine/tagSearch()at org.flex.mainnavigation::TagsPanel/::tagCloudClickHandler()

  12. Adam says:

    It’s nice and all, but 4 months seems a long time to produce a relatively simple browsing app, thought Flex was supposed to make things quicker? I can’t imagine the (advertising) places I tend to work would allot more than around 1 month build time for that. Be interesting to know how that time broke down across the technologies (ie was most of that Drupal work?), and some reasoning as to why you chose Drupal?

  13. My only qualm is that it is in a pop-up window. I’d prefer it just in a regular window

  14. My previous comment didn’t show up the code. I’ve forgot to convert the html entities… :PAgain, on our Image components we use:complete=”Bitmap(event.target.content).smoothing=true;”

  15. Mike, excellent work!The screenshots look crappy when downsized. Maybe using .smoothing=true would help after they are loaded? I think we’ve solved this on our RIAs by usingHope this helps.. 🙂

  16. comment says:

    works well except on firefox the “Launch App” button opens the site in a tab of the current popup.