RIA Live Chat Transcript Available

In case you missed it, Adobe hosted a live chat the other day about RIA development. Topics included Ajax, Flash, Flex and AIR. The transcript for the chat is now available in two format – its posted below and is also available in PDF format. Its a little long – there were a few hundred questions in the 1.5 hour chat, so use the search function to find the topics that you’re most interested in.

We haven’t decided on when the next live chat will be, but given the great response you can expect us to be hosting more of these in the future.

:: Question: what is Thermo— Answer: “Thermo” will streamline the process of adding interactivity, behavior and motion to creative assets and will work seamlessly with both Adobe’s Creative Suite tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and Flash, and with developer oriented tools such as Flex Builder. :::: Hey guys, this is Ryan from Adobe. Welcome to the chat. A bunch of us are here to answer your questions about Flex/Flash/AIR and Open Source at Adobe. :::: Question: if i develop an intranet application in flex, can i bundle flash player wit the application for download?— Answer: No, you can’t do that. You need to ask Adobe for permission to bundle the player. :: http://www.adobe.com/licensing/ has details. :::: Question: Where can i find info about running flex 3 side-by-side with flex builder 2?— Answer: Hi, I don’t believe we have separate info posted on this, but if you use the standalone Flex Builder they should install side by side with no problem. :::: Question: I got a question about the Flex HTML control for AIR… — Answer: What’s the question? :::: Question: How are things looking for the next FB3 and AIR beta releases?— Answer: Great, they’re on track to be released in early of 2008. :::: Question: Has Adobe seen any significant benefits from converting Flex to open-source as of yet? We know the benefits of open-source but how has Flex been affected so far? — Answer: Open source has added significantly to the FLex development interst. With the bugbase and communications live, we are seeing more feedback, and we expect even more activity when Flex SDk goes live :::: Question: Flex HTML control for AIR: can I treat it like a mini browser and have calls into the HTML document from Flex? how about HTML to Flex?— Answer: Yeah, you can. You can call JavaScript and ActionScript back and forth. The HTML doesn’t support plugins (except for Flash). :::: Question: When will profiling tools be introduced to Flash CS3?— Answer: I don’t know that we’ll introduce a specific profiler for Flash CS3, but the Flex Builder Profiler will be able to work with Flash SWFs :::: Question: Is there a way in AIR to execute non AIR code? example An ide writtin in Flex/AIR who`s files are then sent to a third part compiler?— Answer: No, you can’t do that with AIR currently. There is a 3rd party project called ‘Artemis’ which lets you do this in some form. :::: Question: are there any flex builder alternative on the Mac like Flash Develop on the PC? — Answer: You can use the free Flex SDK to develop Flex applications on the Mac if you want. :::: Question: will we see a better embed pdf solution in AIR before version 2.0— Answer: We’re definitely looking at ways to increase the support for PDF in AIR. I think that’s going to be a big part of 2.0. :::: Question: I`m sitting in on the Boot-camp session at MAX, what level of knowledge about FLex should I already have?— Answer: Ideally you should be slightly familiar with Flex, but you don’t have to be an expert. :::: Question: Can AIR apps take up the entire screen?— Answer: Yes, it does it in the same way that Full Screen mode in Flash Player works. :::: Question: is there any guidance for converting a huge older native windows application to Flex?— Answer: Hi, we don’t have anything specific. It’s generally a new paradigm but if you have a specific questions please let us know. :::: Question: Whats the difference between the Window and NativeWindow Classes in AIR?— Answer: Window I believe is the Flex class that wraps around the NativeWindow class which is exposed in AIR :::: Hello, and welcome to the Live Adobe Chat :::: Question: Are you planning support for Apple`s Bonjour protocol in AIR, to create AIR apps that know about other running instances in local network? — Answer: No, that’s not on the roadmap right now. If you want to send me email about possible use cases, it’s rstewart@adobe.com :::: Question: whats air adobe — Answer: Adobe AIR is a cross operating sytem run time that allows developers to build desktop applications using web technologies like Ajax, Flash and Flex. :::: Question: What`s the current penetration like for Flash Player and AIR?— Answer: Flash player is currently installed in over 90% of all desktops. AIR, as a beta technology is one of the more rapidly growing RIA frameworks :::: Question: Hi everybody! Has this chat started? — Answer: yes it has, welcome, do you have a question :::: Question: Can you recommend a framework for Flex one over the other: Cairngorm, Model-Glue (alpha)? Or do you recommend not using a framework until expertise level rises?— Answer: We at Adobe don’t any specific recommendations though plenty of people have been successful with Cairngorm. :::: Question: When do we expect to see full release of AIR? — Answer: We expect AIR to be released in Q1 of 2008. :::: Question: Can you tell us some of the major features that will be released with the next AIR beta? Some birds-eye view things that we can use to start thinking of app ideas? — Answer: The new beta includes some bug fixes, support for notifications, and a lot of optimization work. :::: Question: When will PhotoShop for Linux be released? — Answer: We are monitoring the growth in Linux desktops, and will continue to add Linux support as our customers request it. In the meantime, take a look at the work with WINE and Photoshop. :::: Question: will we see an Adobe solution for SEO problem in flex so flex apps could be crawled by search engines— Answer: We are working on a solution for this. Flex 3 includes built in support for deep linking into your Flex applications. :::: Question: What are Adobe`s plans/timeline for incorportating AIR technology into mobile devices? — Answer: It’s in the plans, but we don’t have any release date for it. :::: Question: will Flex apps (in future) run on iPhone, other handhelds, etc.? — Answer: we do hope so in the future, we’re waiting to get Players onto those platforms and that does take time :::: Question: When do you expect to include Google Gears support in AIR? I saw a quote from Kevin Lynch saying that AIR would support Gears, but not when. — Answer: We won’t support Google Gears in AIR, but we’re trying to align the APIs so that it’s easy to use code back and forth. :::: Question: Will Flex 3 offer support for testing tools other than Mercury? — Answer: yes, we are working wiht a number of partners who are currently building tools :::: Question: Has there been any server monitoring solutions implemented in flex?— Answer: Yes, there have been. You can see a list of Flex applications at http://flex.org/showcase/ :::: Question: for AIR: any chance of peer-to-peer messaging/comms without using server techologies (like FMS)?— Answer: we’re not expecting peer-to-peer support in version 1 of AIR :::: Question: Anything cooking with Flash Media Server 3 and Flex 3 such as specific controls or widgets?— Answer: Sorry, but we can’t comment on future product features like that. :::: Question: Flex Builder on Linux ?— Answer: something we’re thinking about but no plans to announce :::: Question: Do you feel AIR Bus has been a success?— Answer: Yeah, I think a lot of people have been enjoying the events. It’s fun to be on the bus ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: Is access to graphics processors on the horizon for the flash player?— Answer: we are currently beginning to leverage the graphics processors for hardware acceleration of video and will be looking to leverage this more in future Players :::: Good day to you, and welcome to the live Adobe chat :::: Question: What are some AIR apps that you folks are really proud of? Standard-bearers and the like.— Answer: http://airapps.pbwiki.com/FrontPage has a list of AIR applications. :::: Question: Hows the Linux port of AIR coming along? when do you expect to release some code? — Answer: I’m not sure what the timeline is, but now that the Linux version of the player is finished, we’ve started working on AIR for Linux. :::: Question: Is the app local storage limited in AIR, like it is with SharedObjects? If so, what`s the limit? — Answer: The File System access in AIR doesn’t have any restrictions. Just the size of the hard drive. :::: Question: After I change the column headings and sizes in a data grid and refresh the data grid the changes are not showing up. Any ideas of how to force the changes? — Answer: Make sure to call invalidateLayout()? Sorry, don’t have APIs in front of us ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: Will Flash or AIR be supported on the blackberry?— Answer: We continue to work hard on getting FlashLite adopted in as many places as possible. :::: Question: Hello? :)— Answer: hello…how are you today :::: Question: What is THERMO?— Answer: “Thermo” will streamline the process of adding interactivity, behavior and motion to creative assets and will work seamlessly with both Adobe’s Creative Suite tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and Flash, and with developer oriented tools such as Flex Builder. :: :::: Question: Just wanted to send out a thank you for Flex. It is an awesome product that has saved us quite a bit of time.— Answer: Thanks, we like it too! ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: are you guys really experts? or is this just a turing test? — Answer: this is a turning test, run by experts :::: Question: for AIR: is there plans fora bluetooth API? — Answer: We don’t support devices in 1.0 but we’re planning on having it down the road. :::: Question: Ryan this is Lee. No marketing speak: what is thermo? :-)— Answer: This is Matt, come to MAX to learn more about Thermo :::: Question: Is there a way for AIR apps to wake the computer from sleep? Call out to Python script or fake WOL through AIR`s system capabilities? — Answer: No, that’s not currently supported, but it may be in later versions. :::: Question: Out of the hosts here today, who will be attending the Flex Boot camp at MAX?— Answer: I think everyone will be there. :::: Question: When is the `Philo` comming?— Answer: Philo is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2008. :::: Hello and welcome to the live chat with Adobe :::: Question: what about folks that can`t venture to Chicago? We need more `no marketing speak`— Answer: We’re not ready to talk about Thermo yet, we’re going to talk about it at MAX. It’s cool, it’s going to help make Flex apps look awesome. :::: Question: Will there be a MAX event for Australia soon?— Answer: I think there are other events in Australia that are great that mean we don’t have to do MAX there at the moment :::: Question: what`s the best way to `sell` technical management on the merits of Flex? Are there reusable presentations that those of us in the trenches can use, etc? We have a HUGE application with many 100,000s of thousands of users, so we need to pick tech cautiously.— Answer: You can contact a sales rep that can help you out, or you can check out the Flex product page at http://adobe.com/flex :::: Question: is it ryan stewart really a backwoodsman? — Answer: I’m from Wyoming. Heck yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: when will FMS FL3 and AMP beavailable as public beta — Answer: AMB (Philo) will be released in early 2008, along with FMS 3. :::: Question: I tried the sales rep approach, but no one bothered to even return my call after I left basic info with someone (it wasn`t a voice mail).— Answer: You can also try the Flex.org commnity website at http://flex.org/. :::: Question: for bluetooth and AIR check blueAIR http://www.felipeandrade.org/blog/?p=273— Answer: For anyone interested in Bluetooh and AIR :::: Question: Is Adobe working on some kind of solution for using Actionscript also as a Server-side language? — Answer: No, not that we know of. :::: Question: Will AIR become available for mobile devices?— Answer: That’s the plan, we just don’t have a date for it yet. :::: Question: Do you have a release date for Flex3 — Answer: early 2008 :::: Question: Is Chambers going to by the yager shots after this?— Answer: Yes, when he recovers from the AIR bus tour. ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: How long do you see AS3 being the standard for Flash Platform development? Is AS4 in the works or can we keep AS3 for a while and just add api`s for features? — Answer: AS4 is currently under development in the TC-39 of ECMA. AS3 doesn’t just go away because of a new standard, so you can continue to extend it as necessary. Expect to see more on AS4 from ECMA in mid-2008 :::: Question: When AIR bus is landing in Rurope ? :-)— Answer: We are looking into where else to take the bus, but have no plans just yet. :::: Question: Hi, I`ve used Flex for a year now – I am still only really producing read-only apps – should I take it seriously for full apps and if so – with what framework/tools if I dont want to build a java middle tier? — Answer: you should definitely take it seriously. there are plenty of backend tools you can use, PHP, ColdFusion, .NET, Ruby on Rails, etc. :::: Question: is Adobe worried about Microsoft`s Silverlight? — Answer: I think it’s great that Silverlight is here. Competition has really helped Adobe IMHO. :::: Question: what is AIR again? — Answer: Adobe AIR formerly code-named Apollo is a cross-operating system runtime that allows developers to use their existing web development skills to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop :::: Hello and welcome to the live Adobe chat. If you have a question, please just type it in :::: Question: What`s the best way for you to introduce AIR in enterprise world ?— Answer: We’re working on adding more enterprise features for 2.0. I’d love to hear your ideas/uses – rstewart@adobe.com :::: Question: It seems as though Adobe is pushing AIR to developers, what is Adobe`s plan to include /push Flash Designers in AIR development? — Answer: Flash authoring has AIR support already, the plugin is available on labs.adobe.com. :::: Question: i asked a question, i didnt get an answer, do u skip some questions— Answer: there are hundreds of questions flying by and only 5 of us answering :::: Question: Will this chat be available as a downloadable script afterwards? — Answer: We’ll see if we can get it and post it. :::: Question: The HTML Component in AIR is fairly limited. How high a priority is improving it? Any cool features in the next Beta??— Answer: we’re working very hard on the HTML component. make sure to file bugs if you know of things that aren’t working that are imporant to you :::: Question: Will the Flex Scheduling Framework be updated?— Answer: this was contributed to the FlexLib project so I’d recommend checking with them :::: Question: so I should ask my quesiton again — Answer: please ask your question again, if you don’t see an answer in a couple of minutes :::: Question: when will we see AIR supporting on2 or h.264 to FMS, this is a must have for AIR— Answer: AIR 1.0, which is out early next year, will support both On2 and H.264 :::: Question: When can we expect an updated beta of AIR to hit labs?— Answer: Around MAX. :::: Question: Will the framework caching feature (new in player 9 betas) be available for my own shared SWF libs within my own domain, or is this caching only for Adobe sanctioned framework SWF bits? — Answer: only Adobe components will be signed for now. :::: Question: my medium-sized flex app uses 40MB of memory when loaded on firefox, is it typical of flex applications or mine is rather high ? — Answer: 40mb sounds normal right now. have you used the new profiler that’s part of Flex Builder 3 to see where your memory is from? :::: Question: is is true jim ward is the 4th? — Answer: Yes. I’m the 4th James Leslie Ward :::: Question: In a primarily flash creative marketing shop, how can we best communicate to our clients the benefits of Flex-based apps, without sounding like Adobe salesmen? — Answer: If you want to show them some apps, check out the Flex.org showcase, http://flex.org/showcase/ The main benefits are to the developers, and making it easy for them to build apps. :::: Question: Will there be a mechanism to automatically (and silently) launch an AIR app when a user logs in?Will there be a mechanism to automatically (and silently) launch Will there be a mechanism to automatically (and silently) launch an AIR app when a user logs in? — Answer: You could put a shortcut in the startup folder to do something like that. :::: Question: Is there PDF support available for Flex?— Answer: Not from Adobe, but there are some cool third party libraries including AlivePDF. :::: Question: Can we get more to Flash Designers as opposed to a Flash Plug-In on LABs? We keep hearing so much about Flex and very little on Flash or Dreamweaver development for AIR. We we love to hear more from you guys… — Answer: You have mostly Flex folks answering the questions today, we can look into setting up a separate discussion on Flash in the future :::: Question: hey is this really live— Answer: yes :::: Question: Pownce or Twitter? Coke or Pepsi?— Answer: Pownce, its AIR based. Water, its healthier. :::: Question: During an install of an AIR demo app, I didn`t have the framework installed… it`d be great if there was an auto installer package…— Answer: more install options will be coming with the next beta :::: Question: can AIR leverage the user system credentials— Answer: AIR runs with the same permissions as the user. Is that the question? :::: Question: Why no flash player and (flex) support on blackberry?— Answer: Flex applications require ActionScript 3, and there’s no mobile support for that yet. :::: Question: AIR supporting encoding h.264, not decoding — Answer: No. :::: Hello and welcome to the live Adobe chat. Feel free to type in your questions on flex, AIR or open source :::: Question: The Portuguese RIA community is thinking on organizing a two day event around RIA development. Would you guys be interested in coming to Portugal and be the speakers at some sessions? — Answer: Yes, please contact me at mpotter@adobe.com. :::: Question: Can a Flex app in the browser communicate via LocalConnection to an AIR app? — Answer: I think it can ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: But doesn`t James use a blackberry? How can he use a device that doesn`t support flex and flash?— Answer: My blender doesn’t run Flash either. But I wish it did. :::: Question: I want a job at Adobe. Who do I have to sleep with? — Answer: http://www.adobe.com/jobs :::: Question: When is the next revision of Cairngorm going to be released?— Answer: Cairngorm is run by different folks, they release as they need to but not sure when they’re thinking of the next one :::: Question: Will AIR apps have the ability to launch other apps, like a Java or C app from within the running AIR App?— Answer: Not in 1.0. We’ve talked about it and know it’s a feature, so I think we’d like to add it in the future. :::: Question: Will the VM of Flash Player ever allow access to local filesystemexplicit by authorization of the client? (this would be incredible…) — Answer: this is definitely a request we’ve heard before and something we’ll try to consider for th efuture :::: Question: after ryan and lee, who`s gonna be the next evangelist— Answer: You? ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: Are you still buying Flex books for those who have it in their Amazon etc wishlists? — Answer: Yes, every once in a while. :::: Question: You: Is it possible to use Cairngorm for a project build entirely in Flash CS 3 authoring tool? — Answer: I believe Cairngorm does make reference to some classes within the Flex framework, but even with that said it should be possible to copy files around to make things work. :::: Question: is is true Chuck Norris only uses Flex?— Answer: I’ve heard he also uses AIR :::: Question: Why is Adobe pushing Flash under the rug? Don`t forget your roots.— Answer: We love Flash! One of the reasons we hired Lee Brimelow is so the Flash community gets more attention. :::: Question: Considering the dedication to Guitar Hero during the AIRBus tour, why are there no sessions dedicated to it at MAX? — Answer: just not publicized in advance ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: What is your favorite Flex App?— Answer: We have a bunch… They’re listed at http://flex.org/showcase/ :::: Question: why did sho kuwamoto leave and do you know that Microsoft are now interested in him? — Answer: Sho is very talented and anyone who is smart is interested in him. We tried to convince him to stay… :::: Question: Is it possible to propose someone to be a Flex Evangelist? We have one guy here in Portugal who deserves it…— Answer: They can become a Flex Community champion. Details are on http://flex.org/community/ :::: Question: is it true BMC is going to win coolest AIR enterprisey app ever at MAX? — Answer: You’ll have to come to MAX to find out! :::: Question: What are the plans to include hardware acceleration for vector graphics in AIR apps?— Answer: It really depends on the Flash Player supporting it and I think they’re looking into it. :::: Question: I am not technical, but my business is internet publishing. We are moving toward a more web 2.0 like experience for our users, and ajax is an important tool for our developers. How, or can Adobe make their development more efficient, ie, what is the roi I can point to justifying the expense? — Answer: Adobe has tools that make Ajax development faster (like Coldfusion) and also provides a number of open source components to help you bridge between Ajax and Flex and Flash. Using the development tools and environments will shorten your development , always good for the ROI. :::: Question: Has the Air team thought about integrating cross platform, open source products (e.g. FFMPEG) into AIR?— Answer: I’m not sure, but that’s an interesting idea. Might be tough from a legal standpoint, but it’s interesting. :::: Hello and welcome to the Adove live chat. Feel free to type in your questions for the team :::: Question: What happened to remoting components in Flash CS3? Is CFC to actionscript object mapping specific to flex or is it also available for flash authoring tool? — Answer: we don’t have the wrapper libraries for flash but the NetConnection code should still work just fine. :::: Question: is it true Flex evangelists are the hardes drinking team in the biz? — Answer: Yes. :::: Question: Are there any advantages out of the box Coldfusion has as a backend over the other alternatives for interacting withFlex/AIR apps? — Answer: ColdFusion integration is built right into Flex, but you can accomplish the same things with Java. :::: Question: why do I have to type a question just to join a chat? — Answer: Feel free to listen in without typing a questin :::: Question: are all Flex evangelists West Coast? is this some kind of technical rascism?— Answer: I’m based in middle america – Omaha. :::: Question: Will the framework-caching feature of Flex 3 require users to upgrade their Flash Players?— Answer: the framework caching does require the new player, however the Flex code that leverages it will offer a graceful fallback without requiring the user to download the player :::: Question: Do you know of any open-source apps that combine AIR and FMS??— Answer: Don’t know off-hand but you should start one! :::: Question: How is Flex in Europe ? I mainly heard from creative agencies, not from `enterprises`… European market is always harder :-(— Answer: Flex is growing in Europe, and we’ll be pushing it there even more next year. :::: Question: Will flash player eventually support proper, standard compliant formatting for html text? — Answer: text is something we’re focusing heavily on for the next major release of the Flash player. more info to be announced at MAX :::: Question: how come adobe stopped open sourcing technology? you were on a roll for a while? — Answer: Watch this space. We have been releasing something just about once a month. The most recent is the Flash Ajax Video component, released under the BSD license. :::: Question: When should we expect LiveCycle Data Services ES that will work with Flex 3?— Answer: Version 2.5.1 should work with the next beta of Flex 3, due out in the next few weeks. :::: Question: I`ve encountered some seriously obscure bugs within the AIR beta, is there a place where developers can log these bugs and track there progress?— Answer: Hmmm, unfortunately not really. You can email me – rstewart@adobe.com :::: Question: will there be more flash cs3 flex builder intergration .. i want to write all my as3 in flex builder— Answer: there have been some blog posts about how to do this now. we don’t have any short-term enhancements coming :::: Question: who made that photoshop express prototype and why didn`t it look sweet?— Answer: I guess you have to experience the app to love it. The screenshots don’t do it justice. ::As always, you can find it on:: http://blogs.adobe.com/opoen :::: Question: Hi, can you confirm I will be able to distribute the AIR runtime on CD/DVD with my product? — Answer: I don’t think we’ve got the full story on how you can distribute AIR yet with your applicaton. I don’t know if that’s going to be allowed. :::: Question: Will there be any improvements to the richTextEditor in flex 3? — Answer: the rich text editor isn’t underoing major changes for flex 3, but there will be improvements once we have more text support in the next Player version :::: Question: flash ajax video is BSD? how come nobody told anyone?— Answer: watch the bl;og on open at adobe blogs.adobe.com/open :::: Question: Can we reasonably expect Flex 3 to be released on time, factoring in the release of Halo 3?— Answer: We factored Halo 3 into our original estimates. ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: will Astro support VoIP, hardware acceleration, run in 64 bit mode and make coffee— Answer: it will only make coffee :::: Yes, this is a live chat withflex, and AIR experts at Adobe :::: Question: Will Adobe be advertising during the SuperBowl?— Answer: if you can create the perfect ad for us we’ll consider it :::: Question: Do you have an estimate on the final release date for Flex 3? — Answer: We expect Flex 3 to be released in Q1 of 2008. :::: Question: Does the Q1 release of Flex 3 include Flex Builder 3?— Answer: yes :::: Question: any point updates between now and flex 3 ?— Answer: we’re pretty focused on the flex 3 betas at this point :::: Question: How can we get the Slashdot crowd to finally accept – dare I say it, even love – Flash/Flex?— Answer: Well, with the complete open sourcing of FLex SDK3, and the Tamarin VM under Mozilla, we are seeing more acceptance, even love from the open source community :::: Question: Does the Adobe team see any way that Flash/Flex/AIR can play nicely with Microsoft`s Silverlight? As a developer, it would be great if we could use the strengths of both to our advantage — Answer: We want to make developers’ lives as easy as possible, so I wouldn’t rule anything out even if it’s unlikely. It just depends on what our customers want. :::: Question: Hey Ryan — Answer: Hey ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: will be the switch to FP10 even more amazingthan from FP8 to FP9 — Answer: We think it will be! :::: Question: one of the big hurdles in enterprises is deployment of non-standard components — that includes Flash. I hope that Adobe considers this when creating distribution options for Flex/Flash/AIR developers.— Answer: we’ve found that in less than a year Flash Player 9 was installed on 90% of the internet-connected desktops, and that many enterprises have rolled out Player 9 internally. The hurdles are being removed. :::: Question: Helloooooo — Answer: Hello :::: Question: Any ideas on pricing for a FlexBuilder 3 upgrade?— Answer: Yes, but sorry we can’t tell you just yet. :::: Question: Will acrobat be used to pre-install AIR at the same time? — Answer: No, we don’t have plans to do that right now. :::: Question: Why does Flex kick so much ass?— Answer: because of the awesome people who work on it, and the even better community who build apps with it :::: Question: I have been looking for a sample app that demonstrates the features of an occassionally connected app. Can anyone point me to one?— Answer: I believe we have one posted on Christophe’s blog (http://coenraets.com) and there are some samples within the LCDS installer as well :::: Question: Do you track the penetration stats between different 9.0.x versions of Player? They do support bunch of different features each (fullscreen, h264 now). — Answer: We don’t announce those statistics. :::: Question: What about Shockwave & Macromedia Director? Are they going to be discontinued and replaced by AIR?— Answer: We’re releasing a new version of Director – http://www.onflex.org/ted/2007/07/max-2007-director-11.php :::: Question: I would like to see Flex as Open source softwareor Free Software — Answer: The Flex SDK 3 is announced and will be released under the MPL (Mozilla Public License), so it is now open source. :::: Question: is it true that Matt is the new Hal9000— Answer: this is absolutely untrue and i resent the implication ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: dave, what`s your job title at adobe?— Answer: Director of standards and open source, a classic split-brain job :::: Question: How many people have been already Flex certified?— Answer: Sorry, but we don’t give out those numbers. :::: Question: I`m just now starting to experiement with FB3 — and I don`t see any support for animations and such (in the UI). Is that a FB3 limitation? I like the features of Microsoft Expression Blend (if you`ve seen/tried it).— Answer: I love Blend and Adobe is always looking at ways to enhance the workflow. :::: Question: Why AIR? Apollo was a much cooler name. (And doesn`t sound like `error`)— Answer: Yeah, we couldn’t get the trademarks for ‘Apollo’. We all loved it. :::: Question: Will the Flex Boot Camp at MAX focus on version 2 or version 3 ?— Answer: probably both, whatever folks want :::: Question: Can one work Open Laszlo into the AIR stack? — Answer: You can use Laszlo to output Ajax, then it works with AIR :::: Question: outside of AIR can we expect an anything more out of the FileIO apis down the road for Flash Player— Answer: We’re always looking at ways to extend those APIs… :::: Question: why there is so much less sessions in MAX Barcelona than in Chicago— Answer: I think we have a smaller physical space for one thing :::: Question: OK, bundling the runtime on plastic is a deal killer for me, This question was specifically asked at business design centre, London, in june. the answer was yes, it would be distributable. Sorry to keep asking, but if not I have to walk away right now I`m afraid. — Answer: Send me an email – rstewart@adobe.com :::: Question: What is this chat client backend? overview on what it uses will be good too…— Answer: It uses Flash Media Server on the backend. :::: Question: `I love Blend` That was Ryan answering, right? — Answer: Yup ๐Ÿ™‚ Does it show my name? :::: Question: ok, which would you prefer to teach: FB2 or FB 3?— Answer: They are fairly similar, but FB 3 is the future. :::: Question: What are some significant differences between FlexBuilder 2.0.1 and 3 — from a Developer`s perspective— Answer: check out the “what’s new” article at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/flex3_whatsnew.html :::: Question: i would like to commend the AIR team for putting up with me. You guys have done a great job answering questions and i have learned something. hope i gave some fun, not just pain in the ass to you guys. James Governor, monkchips— Answer: We heart you James. :::: Question: Will this chat session be posted on the Adobe website later?— Answer: We’re going to try and post it on the Flex developer center, yes. :::: Question: Can the NetConnection class be used wit amfphp1.9? — Answer: I believe so, make sure to use the ObjectEncoding.AMF_0 :::: Question: Will SoundMixer.computeSpectrum() ever be able to access the sound from the user`s microphone?— Answer: Sorry, we dont’ know. :::: Question: So I don`t need to copy and paste this whole chat?— Answer: Nah, we’ll make sure it gets copied and put somewhere. :::: Hello and welcome to the live Adobe chat. ask your questions for our Flex and AIR experts :::: Question: how about flex and air on mobile. any traction happening in the states or am i still going to move to tokyo— Answer: we’re still actively developing the next version of the VM so that we can get AS3 on the mobile platform. Once we do that we’ll get Flex working. :::: Question: If you were going to build an occasionally connected app from scratch is it a no-brainer to use Air?— Answer: I think you should definitely take a look at it as an option. It makes it very easy. :::: Question: Can we implement peer-to-peer in AIR without backend ?— Answer: not in version 1, but soemthing we’re considering for the future :::: Question: Despite existing some solutions for using Flash Remoting with PHP, why doesn`t Adobe release something official, or support a current solution (like amfphp) ? Just like it did with cairngorm ?— Answer: The libraries are good so far, with AMFPHP and WebORB from the Midnight Coders. We’ve written instructions on how to use them instead. :::: Question: i want multi audio channel support in fp10 , am i asking too much… HD video is already in the player— Answer: Hmm, not sure. Send me an email and I’ll follow up rstewart@adobe.com (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: How can adobe help me with open source development in conjunction with ajax?— Answer: Adobe is offering a number of open source components that work with Ajax, FABridge, FAVideo, Spry framework for Ajax. Check out /quicklin http://labs.adobe.com and search for Ajax :::: Question: Will the source for this chat client be released? I am more interested in how the management aspect of answering questions is handled… :)— Answer: Heh, we’re flying by the seat of our pants. Basically we have a ton of questions and then try to get them all answered by clicking on them. (Ryan Stewart) :::: Hello and welcome to our live Adobe chat :::: Question: Are you using Quartz or Core Image at all in the Flash Playeron Macs? — Answer: sorry, don’t know those details. Tinic’s blog might have something, http://www.kaurontin.com i think but that might be typed wrong :::: Question: Does the next AIR beta`s optimization include cpu usage on background apps? I`m looking specifically at Pownce. Maybe they`re using EnterFrame instead of Timer? — Answer: Yes, those optimizations are included. (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: Has there been any thought put into supporting Flex Builder on Linux? Eclipse runs great there…— Answer: definitely thinking about it :::: Question: Have you seen Flash Develop. Its integration with Flex allows me to develop in a great environment with a powerful compiler for free.— Answer: we’re always looking at technologies and having resources that can work alongside our free Flex SDK is fantastic :::: Question: will the Cairngorm swc be bundled in FB3 so I don`t have to set it up for each project?— Answer: No, we aren’t planning on it. (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: any idea on upgrade pricing for FB3?— Answer: Yes, but we can’t tell you, sorry.. :::: Question: Is the answer -really- 42?— Answer: yes… What do you get if you multiply six times nine? (base 13) :::: Question: Heard yor`re hiring for Flex team. Are these North-America positions only? Any development work done in Adobe Europe offices? — Answer: the team in Bucharest may be doing some development hiring. but we have a ton of positions in NA :::: Question: What country in Europe is the most active on flex at the moment? — Answer: There’s a ton of Flex apps being built all over Europe, tough to say which one is the most active. :::: Question: relocation required?— Answer: it depends, contact us and we can figure it out :::: Question: any plans to have Flex code compile into an Ajax DHTML type app instead of flash similar to Laszlo?— Answer: No, not at the moment. Many people are building Flex applications so they don’t have to worry about browser compatibility. :::: Question: Which US locations is the Flex team currently hiring in? SF? Seattle?— Answer: SF, Newton MA, but we can potentially be flexible :::: Question::: Question: How can adobe help me with open source development in conjunction with ajax? — Answer: Adobe is offering a number of open source components that work with Ajax, FABridge, FAVideo, Spry framework for Ajax. Check out /quicklin http://labs.adobe.com and search for Ajax :: Will you be posting on SourceForge? — Answer: We do have selected open source activities over (mirrored) to Sourceforge. As we continue to expand our open source efforts, you’ll find more cross hosting :::: Question: I am in love with Adobe. Can you help me?— Answer: I’d recommend buying lots of our products :::: Question: What about proper Coldfusion IDE ? Any plans on Adobe involvement with the CFEclipse project? — Answer: We already give some support to those guys. I love that IDE, use it all the time. (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: Is the Flex team hiring C coders to work on Flex or Flex Developers when you say `hiring Flex Developers`?— Answer: Good OO developers. :::: Question: will I get a free copy of FB if I tattoo the Flex logo on my forearm?— Answer: Forehead only. We need proof though. :::: Question: Any concerns with SWF and Flash decompiler ? Is there any ways to enhance security ?— Answer: we’re working with some partners on this, but if you deliver your SWF over HTTPS you should be OK :::: Question: I`m always disappointed with the limitations of htmlText in Flex. Is there any hope of a more full implementation of HTML, given the groundwork that`s been done with AIR?— Answer: this is definitely something we’re working on but will be a part of the next version of the Player :::: Question: Is there any talk abou Flex supporting the same Webkit implimentation as AIR uses – so that the Flex apps ported to AIR can share all of the same functionality in and outside of the browser?— Answer: We’ve talked about that and it’s something we’re interested in, but we don’t have anythning on the roadmap. :::: Question: Are there any other Adobe sponsored Flex related contests coming up?— Answer: No, not that we know of. :::: Question: Any AIR poster yet ? Got only the AS3 and Flex 2 ones…— Answer: We will create them when it goes final in early 2008. Along with new Flex and AS posters. :::: Question: Will adobe use AIR as their own development platform for future apps— Answer: we already are using it for some of our apps, see the Adobe Media Player. but not all of our apps will be appropriate :::: Question: what is adobe flex? — Answer: Flex is a framework that helps you build dynamic interactive rich Internet applications. Flex applications are delivered on the web via the Flash Player or to the desktop :::: Question: Posters? Whoa, where can I get one?— Answer: Join the Adobe Flex group on Facebook and follow the instructions in there. :::: Hello and welcome to the final part of the live Adobe chat :::: Question: List ofavailble Flex books? — Answer: see flex.org/documentation I think :::: Question: what is the best type of app to use to get started using AIR: a connected one or disconnected?— Answer: Either way. It’s really easy to do both. (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: Before this chat ends, can you give us some exciting/secret news that you can take out of the transcript? — Answer: Matt Chotin is going to streak at the MAX keynote. :::: Question: There seems to be a need for something between Flex run inside the plugin and Flex run inside AIR — some way of accessing local file resources without going through the `installation` process. Is there any hope of this in a future flash player version? Security could be handled easily using a `Grant access to this file/directory`…— Answer: We’ve talked about something like that, so it’s always possible. :::: Question: can Matt yell `WooWoo!` while he streaks?— Answer: how much money are we talking about? :::: Question: Will FB have some kind of UML to AS live synchronous code generator? — Answer: not in FB3, but there are defintiely folks out there in the community who have been thinking about this :::: Question: Is there any talk/chance of releasing a version of Flex Data Services that isn`t prohibitively expensive to possibly smaller, yet equally as interested and capabledevelopers? — Answer: we’re always thinking about these sorts of things. are you aware of the Express license which is free? :::: Question: loved the AIR bus live video, you should lifecast on justin.tv guys ! :-)— Answer: That’s going to be part of Lee’s job ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: how many people are chatting here? — Answer: There are currently 83 people connected. :::: Question: Did you know that LCDS really rocks… i never say it enough— Answer: thanks,we think so too! :::: Hello and welcome to the Adobe Live Chat. :::: Question: Speaking of Lee. Tell him to get on the ball with those AIR video tutorials. :-)— Answer: I’ll tell him. (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: I just wanted to say that you are all doing a great job. Thank you for everything!!— Answer: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today as well! :::: Question: why the FDS branding change to Live Cycle Data Services?— Answer: LiveCycle has more of an enterprise brand and we focused on integrating the data services features into the larger LiveCycle products :::: Question: will full transcript be published later?— Answer: Yes, we’re hoping to publish this on the Flex developer center soon. :::: Question: have you picked a bar when you get to nyc— Answer: I want to hit up McSorley’s (ryan Stewart) :::: Question: Express license is nice but now all server has two cpu — Answer: dual-core is considered a single CPU :::: Question: What will the software requirements be for the Linux version of Adobe AIR? — Answer: Not sure yet, we’re still in the early stages. :::: Question: for FDS Express it`s limited to a single CPU install… it could be better to limit it to an certain amount of concurrent connections and no limit for CPUs— Answer: Thanks, we’ll give that feedback back to the product team. :::: Question: having not explored AIR yet, how hard is it to get data from MSSQL via CF?— Answer: Very easy, you can use Flex. :::: Question: Why is `Show Line Numbers` NOT selected by default in FB2? Can you fix this in FB3?— Answer: sounds like a good bug to file at:: http://bugs.adobe.com/flex :::: Question: Offline app is for AIR and flex or just AIR?— Answer: Right now we just support the filesystem access and local SQL database in AIR (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: Just curious, what is the management:developer ratio on FB3— Answer: it’s pretty good, we can’t give details :::: Question: Plugin support for native c libraries coming in AIR at some stage?— Answer: We’re looking into it. It’s a big request and I think we want to make sure we can handle it in a good way cross-platform. (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: is FDS Express actually crippled or is the license on the hornor system?— Answer: license is mostly honor system, but eula of course reserves the right ot audit :::: welcome to the live Adobe chat for Flex and AIR :::: Question: Will it ever be possible to use joypads and other HCI devices on Air applications, without using some kind of backend to talk to the drivers`— Answer: I hope so :). It’s on the roadmap, it just didn’t make it into 1.0 Joypads with Flash/AIR games woudl be sweet! (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: AIR Webkit plugin support for non adobe technologies like quicktime or wmv?— Answer: Not right now, but we’re talking about it. (Ryan Stewart) :::: For more information about Flex, check out http://flex.org or http://www.adobe.com/flex :::: For more information on AIR, check out http://www.adobe.com/go/air :::: Question: is it over— Answer: we’re still here and answering away :::: Question: I heard that offline/synch API is compliant with Google gears. Collaboration is going on? — Answer: yes, we’ve been working with Google to make sure that eventually the APIs will be in sync :::: Question: so could you run multiple FDS Express instances on the same machine with each instance`s Affinity set to a single cpu on a multi cpu box witout breaking the license? — Answer: i think you’d want to check with your lawyer on this one ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: Question: Very happy that GotoAndLearn is back… what do you guys think of the new tutorial for Papervision3D?— Answer: It rocks! Lee is the man (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: I am a PHP/ActionScript/JavaScript programmer who built some systems that transfer data from the client to the server with XML. But I wonder what would be the purpose for me to lear Flex. Is it about improving my delelopment time? — Answer: Flex can be used to create rich UIs for PHP powered applications. Using the rich components in Flex, you can simplify your backend code and lessen your development time. :::: Question: What is your vision on silverlight?— Answer: IT’s a great addition to the RIA space. I love the competition. (Ryan Stewart) :::: Question: We miss better representation of Adobe here in Portugal, other than commercial. Does Adobe has any plans for Portugal`— Answer: check out flex.org/community to learn more about the user groups, we’d love to see one in portugal :::: Question: Will adobe sponsor AIR user groups or will they bundle that topic into existing Flex user groups?— Answer: We will sponsor AIR user gruops as well. :::: Question: there is no UG in australia for Flex…. We need more Flex exposure over here please :)— Answer: there are lots of top flex developers in austrailia, there may not be a specific Flex UG but there are other Adobe groups. You should definitely start one! :::: Question: I lead develpment on a java web application for healthcare, how can I leverage adobe tecnology ? — Answer: Flex would be great for the UI of your application. flex.org/java/ has links. :::: Question: I wish more sw companies would do these kind of sessions…very useful. — Answer: Thank you. I suspect you’ll see us again :::: Question: hahaha you sponsor UG? I am still owed $140 for the beers— Answer: contact ed sullivan ๐Ÿ™‚ :::: We’ll be wrapping up in a few minutes, get your questions in now if you’ve got them. :::: Question: How many questions have been submitted vs. answered?— Answer: I think we got most of them. Maybe 80% of Qs :::: Question:There`s very little interest in Flash on my college campus. What can I do to change that? — Answer: We are starting a Flex evangelism program on campuses, if you’d like details check out flex.org/edu/ :::: Question: Are you planning to improve CSS in Flex 3? how much?— Answer: the CSS model isn’t changing that much but we have improved Flex Builder significantly :::: Question: Considering Newgrounds.com is maintains a large Flash community is there any support from Adobe? — Answer: I’m not familiar with newgrounds.com, but we certainly participate in many sites :::: Question: Any office/jobs in Quebec? — Answer: No, but there are some jobs in Ottawa, Ontario. :::: Question: I have two coins totalling 15ยข – one of them is not a nickel. What are they?— Answer: dime and a nickel, hah! :::: Question: We need more EU customerS spotlight on Flex and AIR— Answer: Thanks, feedback noted. I’ll pass that along. :::: Question: Just Flex evangelism? How about Flash too? (I don`t develop in Flex.)— Answer: I believe that the Flash team has a similar program, but I don’t know the details. :::: Question: what about LCDS evangelism… and more advanced topics on the subject— Answer: there will be some advanced topics covered at MAX, and we are always working on more articles and whatnot :::: Question: How do I contact the Flash team about campus evangelism?— Answer: contact us through the flex site and we’ll pass it on :::: Question: I love to see richer `how to` samples.— Answer: Thanks, we’ll pass that along to the developer center team. :::: Question: when will be the next live chat event— Answer: We haven’t planned the next one just yet. Thanks for this! :::: This chat is now over. Thanks for your questions! :::: For more information on AIR, visit http://adobe.com/go/air :::: For more information on Adobe Flex, visit http://www.adobe.com/flex or http://flex.org/ ::

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  1. britt says:

    As I can see our questions still have not been answered. The only thing I’ve read is beating around the bush. So, if I may reiterate. Will there be an adobe version of some sort for blackberry(RIM)?….[We can’t comment on future products. – Mike]

  2. derek says:

    Two questions;I have heard that the new Beta OS for the BlackBerry Curve does in fact support flash, can you confirm it’s validity?Was Adobe a part of this development? I would love to see more Adobe / RIM interaction.And secondly;www.newgrounds.com has a community in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions by now. And is a site that devotes a lot of resources towards flash content – from videos, to games, and more.I saw it mentioned before in the chat, and was curious if Adobe had persued interactions with the community, as it’s become quite the “cult classic” of websites devoted to a theme.Not sure if I’ll find this post again, but answers can be directed to my email. Or just get on it! And I hope to see flash support, and interaction everywhere soon!Oh, want to help develop my WoW guild’s website? :)- D –

  3. Mark says:

    So how can Adobe help me with using my Balackberry?

  4. Dale says:

    Can I download Flash player for the Blackberry Curve Phone?I want to view websites created in flash

  5. Matt says:

    Next beta hopefully.

  6. Ian says:

    Hello,”:: Question: Flex HTML control for AIR: can I treat it like a mini browser and have calls into the HTML document from Flex? how about HTML to Flex?— Answer: Yeah, you can. You can call JavaScript and ActionScript back and forth. The HTML doesn’t support plugins (except for Flash). ::”When will/Does AIR support Flash in the HTMLControl?When I view a web page in AIR which has flash on it no flash displays and says please download plugin.It seems from the above that it is supported, although the only plugin that I can see that works in the PDF viewer 8.1.RegardsIan