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Flex Builder Free For Students

Today we announced that we will be making Flex Builder free for students and faculty. We’re still working out the final details, but soon students will be able to download Flex Builder at no charge. A simple form will have to be filled out, along with proof of enrollment, and then you’ll be granted the ability to download Flex Builder with Charting at no charge. Look for more details on the Flex Developer Center in a few weeks time. We’ll be posting more details in the official Flex Facebook Group when they’re available.

Call for topics for the Flex 3 Cookbook from O’Reilly Media

Here’s your chance to have your cookbook recipe considered for the print version of the Flex 3 Cookbook from O’Reilly Media!

Imagine that, your name immortalized in one of O’Reilly’s “animal” books!

As you might already know, the online version of the Adobe Flex Cookbook at is a place where you can share and get code recipes (solutions) to common development questions. It was created in partnership with O’Reilly Media with the idea to make the community inclusive to the print-version of the book, as well as be an online repository for coding solutions that the community could use at any time.

Now is your chance to be considered for the print cookbook! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to

  2. Post your recipe. Consider posting a recipe based on one of the suggested topics below by the deadline mentioned. (This list came from the Flex 3 Cookbook authors (Josh Noble, Todd Anderson, and Abey George), who are writing furiously, and are in the process of deciding which entries from the online cookbook will be included. Will it be yours? I hope so!).
  3. In the online cookbook recipe form, select “yes” to O’Reilly opt-in question, this allows O’Reilly to contact you about your recipe, as we always want to respect your privacy.
  4. That’s it–the authors (Josh, Todd, Abey) will consider your post for the print cookbook. They’ll let you know if they are considering your post, they’ll contact you directly, and/or suggest changes to get it ready for publication!

Call for topics in the Flex cookbook (online version):

    Deadline: By 15 November 2007
      TileList and Tree:
    • Drag and Drop TileLists
    • TileList effects
    • Tree effects/images

    • Filtering collections
    • Sorting XML, XMLCollections, XMLListCollections Using Remote data sources for a collection

    Deadline: By 1 January 2008
    • Creating custom chart renderers
    • Creating effects for Charts
    • Drag and Srop chart items in a chart

      Services and ServerSide communication:
    • Using messaging with LiveCycle
    • Using data-push techniques with Flex 3
    • Flex-Ajax bridge

      Unit Testing:
    • General topics, pretty much anything would be interesting

    • Internationalization strategies
    • Using non-alphabetic character sets
    • Accessibility issues

      Other ideas
    • Programmatic Skinning recipes
    • Any clever Scale-9 ideas
    • Any AdvancedDataGrid recipes
    • Any OLAGrid recipes
    • Anything really clever with Javascript Integration (comment from Joshua: I’d love to get some more of that stuff in the book because I think it’s going to be really important going forward.)
    • Printing tricks and tips
    • Accessibility and Creating Accessible Components Module
    • RSL library tricks, advice, recipes (I think we’ve got a pretty good range of stuff there but I’m sure we missed something and it is a big topic).
    • Working with Bitmaps, BitmapData, and Images

You might be asking: What do I get out of this?

  • Your name, a URL of your choice, and a one-line bio attributed to your recipe in the book
  • Fame and (possibly) fortune at being published in an O’Reilly “animal” book!
  • Sharing your coding solution with countless others and helping them understand how to code really great Flex apps. (I know this last one is immeasurable, but we’ve all experienced how good it can feel to help out someone else.)


  • Will entries be proofread, edited, tech reviewed? Yes.
  • Can I post recipes that are from my blog, or articles I’ve posted on my own personal website? Yes, as long as they have not been published elsewhere, I am more than happy to see you share your blog posts/articles with the Flex developer audience thru the Flex cookbook.

Write me with any questions or suggestions! I’m at amywong at As I mentioned in my previous posts, we’re also continuing to improve the online cookbook, month by month!

Amy Wong
Adobe Senior Technical Editor
Cookbooks, Flex & ColdFusion Dev Centers

Flex Camp Toronto 75% Sold Out

Flex Camp Toronto will be taking place on November 15th at 5:00 PM and is already 75% sold out. If you live in the Toronto area and are interested in Flex and AIR, you should sign up for the event, before its sold out (like MAX North America and MAX Europe).

Flex Camp Romania A Huge Success!

Another successful Flex Camp is in the books. The latest Flex Camp was 2 days ago at the Adobe offices in Romania, where the Adobe team hosted 70 developers at the Adobe office. As you can read in this blog summary, guests enjoyed free pizza and beer, along with Flex books and t-shirts for the event. Some travelled as far as 12 hours by train to attend the event!

The sessions from Flex Camp Romania were recorded with Acrobat Connect and posted online.
Keynote (Matt Chotin) and Flex Overview (Andrei Dragomir)
Adobe AIR – Get the best of the web on your desktop (Dragos Georgita)
Demo of Seesmic – video application in Flex (Johann Romefort)
Flickr Gallery in Flex (Mihai Corlan) and Flex Application development and SOA (Cristi Ivascu)
Data Synchronization with Flex (Mihai Pricope aka Miti)

There are Flex Camps popping up all over the world, with the next one that I know about scheduled for Toronto on Thursday, November 15th. If you’re interested in hosting one, we’ll help you with swag, t-shirts and money to pay for pizza and beer. We’ve even got a .zip file with instructions on how to promote your event and where to make sure that you get people attending. Finally, we’ll also help by sending Adobe reps to speak at your Flex Camp. Contact me via email if you’re interested in hosting one.

Redesigned Flex cookbook

At MAX 2007 Chicago, on September 30th, we released a redesign of the front page of the Flex cookbook:

We took into account a lot of feedback from the community, as we talked to you at conferences and tradeshows, on conference calls, and via e-mail. Thank you all for your feedback, and keep it coming.

Here’s a rundown of the main changes that took place:

– Redesigned UI to make more clear how to accomplish cookbook users’ primary actions: searching, posting recipes, subscribing to the RSS feed (through a reader, or using Giorgio Natali’s cool plug-in for Flex Builder and Eclipse)

– Tooltips appear when hovering over an entry on the home page. This exposes entries up front on the home page, but maintains simplicity of page.

– Reducing information on front-page posts to title, rating, poster

– Icons used for RSS, posting recipes, and the plug-in. Again, adding more visual emphasis to those actions most important to cookbook users.

– Weighted ratings – the ratings used throughout the cookbook are based on Bayesian ratings system; this system more accurately portrays the posts’ rating in relation to all other posts in the cookbook. This feature actually went live about a month ago, but I wanted you all to be aware of it.

– Various performance improvements

Let me know other feedback you have on the Flex cookbook as you post your recipes, rate other recipes, and post comments!

Amy Wong
Senior Technical Editor, Flex and ColdFusion Developer Centers
Adobe Developer Connection: