Flex Camp Romania A Huge Success!

Another successful Flex Camp is in the books. The latest Flex Camp was 2 days ago at the Adobe offices in Romania, where the Adobe team hosted 70 developers at the Adobe office. As you can read in this blog summary, guests enjoyed free pizza and beer, along with Flex books and t-shirts for the event. Some travelled as far as 12 hours by train to attend the event!

The sessions from Flex Camp Romania were recorded with Acrobat Connect and posted online.
Keynote (Matt Chotin) and Flex Overview (Andrei Dragomir)
Adobe AIR – Get the best of the web on your desktop (Dragos Georgita)
Demo of Seesmic – video application in Flex (Johann Romefort)
Flickr Gallery in Flex (Mihai Corlan) and Flex Application development and SOA (Cristi Ivascu)
Data Synchronization with Flex (Mihai Pricope aka Miti)

There are Flex Camps popping up all over the world, with the next one that I know about scheduled for Toronto on Thursday, November 15th. If you’re interested in hosting one, we’ll help you with swag, t-shirts and money to pay for pizza and beer. We’ve even got a .zip file with instructions on how to promote your event and where to make sure that you get people attending. Finally, we’ll also help by sending Adobe reps to speak at your Flex Camp. Contact me via email if you’re interested in hosting one.

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