Redesigned Flex cookbook

At MAX 2007 Chicago, on September 30th, we released a redesign of the front page of the Flex cookbook:

We took into account a lot of feedback from the community, as we talked to you at conferences and tradeshows, on conference calls, and via e-mail. Thank you all for your feedback, and keep it coming.

Here’s a rundown of the main changes that took place:

– Redesigned UI to make more clear how to accomplish cookbook users’ primary actions: searching, posting recipes, subscribing to the RSS feed (through a reader, or using Giorgio Natali’s cool plug-in for Flex Builder and Eclipse)

– Tooltips appear when hovering over an entry on the home page. This exposes entries up front on the home page, but maintains simplicity of page.

– Reducing information on front-page posts to title, rating, poster

– Icons used for RSS, posting recipes, and the plug-in. Again, adding more visual emphasis to those actions most important to cookbook users.

– Weighted ratings – the ratings used throughout the cookbook are based on Bayesian ratings system; this system more accurately portrays the posts’ rating in relation to all other posts in the cookbook. This feature actually went live about a month ago, but I wanted you all to be aware of it.

– Various performance improvements

Let me know other feedback you have on the Flex cookbook as you post your recipes, rate other recipes, and post comments!

Amy Wong
Senior Technical Editor, Flex and ColdFusion Developer Centers
Adobe Developer Connection: