Adobe Flex Page on Facebook

Facebook announced a new ad service today that allows products and companies to create pages on Facebook. Not wanting to waste any time, we’ve setup a page for Flex on Facebook. Check it out and check out the Flex Facebook Group while you’re there too.

One Response to Adobe Flex Page on Facebook

  1. Johannes says:

    VirtPresenter is a Facebook application that is completely written in Flex. It’s main goal is to bring lectures and seminars to the internet and have facebook users interact with each other while they consume the content. Users can watch videos while a PowerPoint presentation is displayed as it was when the lecture was held. The users interface is very responsive for it runs in the Adobe Flash Player Plugin.Users can make notes on the timeline and share them with other users.Although the content is only in german right now, it is worth to take a look at it, because other content producers will be come soon. The app can be found here: