Easy Access to Flex Package Documentation

Inspired by similar redirects on php.net, I implemented a redirect on Flex.org that gives you easy access to Flex Package Documentation. Just type flex.org/fullpackagename into your browser and it will redirect you to the official Adobe LiveDocs page for that package. For example, flex.org/mx.controls will take you to the mx.controls package documentation.

– Mike Potter
Flex Developer Marketing Team

6 Responses to Easy Access to Flex Package Documentation

  1. Cool thing, why I discovered it so late? BTW, it seems this redirect feature stopped working.I mean that http://flex.org/mx.controls says “404 – Not found”. As far as I know, you can implement it back in Drupal with URL aliases module.

  2. Mike Potter says:

    That feature has been added. See my blog post from today.Thanks for the suggestion!Mike

  3. Johan Temmerman says:

    Nice and handy improvement, but indeed:Having this feature extended to support classes would be really great!

  4. Mike Potter says:

    Hmm… Two requests for classes in an hour. Seems like a popular request. I’ll have a look at the naming schema and try and come up with something tomorrow.Mike

  5. Mark says:

    This is great!Do you think you will extend this functionality to accept individual classes as well?

  6. senocular says:

    Any plans to support classes too? For example, attempting flex.org/mx.controls.Alert attempts to load an Alert package rather than the Alert class. Given “official” standards, you should be able to make this distinction simply through capitalization.