Flex Builder 2 New Pricing – Where Is It?

Today is the day that Flex Builder starts selling at the new lower price. However, a quick visit over to the Adobe store shows that the price hasn’t changed – so what gives? Well, sometimes in large companies its hard to align schedules with everyone. In this case, the update schedule for the store and our new re-pricing didn’t fall on the same date. The online store will be updated next Thursday, November 8th, and will reflect the new pricing. You can purchase Flex Builder today from any authorized resellers at the new lower price, or you can purchase online through the Adobe store and have your money refunded to you.

The new pricing for Flex Builder is: Flex Builder 2 – US $249 (reduced from $499) and Flex Builder 2 with Charting – US $699 (reduced from $749). Regional pricing will align with these new lower US prices.

12 Responses to Flex Builder 2 New Pricing – Where Is It?

  1. Andrew says:

    If you bought Flex Builder 2 and Flex 2 Charting as separate components, how do you purchase the maintenance so you are eligible for a lower cost upgrade to Flex 3?

  2. Andrew says:

    If you bought Flex Builder 2 and Flex 2 Charting as separate components, how do you purchase the maintenance so you are eleigible for a lower cost upgrade to Flex 3?

  3. Matt says:

    Turns out Nov 8 meant the “night of Nov 8.” So check it out tomorrow.

  4. Dexter says:

    I’ve been watching the Adobe Store to see when this price change happens so that our company can buy a few copies… but there has still been no update. Has this been pushed off further? We are looking forward to making a purchase but, obviously, don’t want to waste money buying something that will drop in price in the near future.

  5. Matt says:

    Hi Steve, we’ll look into that. Not what’s supposed to happen obviously…

  6. Steve says:

    I just called Adobe Sales and was basically told that the October 1st email was not sent by Adobe (although it certainly looks official) and that they are not honoring that price.While I understand that the website might not be updated (no, actually I don’t understand) but shouldn’t your sales force be aware that the price is going to change on November 8th rather than conveying the impression that Ted Patrick made the whole thing up?

  7. Matt says:

    Hi,We’re still not sure what the difference will be between the maintenance price and the upgrade price. I don’t think it will be much if any. Flex Builder 3 Professional will have a number of new features and therefore we think will be worth the upgrade price, that is still less than half of what the full new license would be.Sorry, for now Flex and CS3 are separate.

  8. Hi Matt,Thanks for your answer (true, I skipped parts of the post and took the dates on the comments for granted, that’ll teach me to take the time to read things in full).What I do not understand is why the upgrade/maintenance (what’s the difference between “maintenance” and upgrade by the way) price is so steep between flex 2 with charting and flex 3 professional. I mean the former costs more than the latter, so why do flex 2 with charting users have to pay the price of the charting package in itself to be able to upgrade to flex 3 professional?I don’t think I’ll be able to get a refund, I bought it on ebay and I always honor my auctions. Yes, I know…P.S. I was talking about Master Collection because since that suite is supposed to be all of adobe creative software, I thought that maybe, just maybe Flex/Thermo would be included in it in the near future.

  9. Matt says:

    Hi Jamal,As this post says, the new pricing won’t be in effect on the web site until November 8th so you’ll want to look into getting a refund and purchasing maintenance then. CS3 Master Collection isn’t related to Flex pricing. And Thermo is a ways off, we hope to have a beta some time in 2008.

  10. Hi again,As of today (november 2nd 2007), still no change in the pricing (well, it does make the pill easier to swallow for me)…It would be really nice to have a coupon for registrations after november 1st.Why is there such a price difference between the upgrades? I am refering to the information below:http://www.onflex.org/ted/2007/10/flex-3-beta-2-lower-price-flex-builder.phpI mean, the flex with charting users are not getting a very good deal on the upgrade! It’s the same as haing bought flex builder 2 without charting and upgrading to flex builder 3 professional.One would have thought that the more you paid in the first place, the less you would have to pay to upgrade…

  11. …Can you provide upgrade path pricing from Flex 2 to Flex 3?I have just bought Flex 2 with Charting (november 1st 2007), in order to be able to upgrade to Flex 3 (as advised on the labs forums by adobe staff), do I get a coupon when I register? Do I get a free upgrade to Flex 3 if I register (registration after november 1st)? If not, how much will it cost me?I also acquired CS3 Master Collection, does that count?When is Thermo bound to ship? Will it be part of the Flex 3 release?