More Community Components Surfacing

This is turning out to be Flex component week. First a link on DZone to a spreadsheet component that is being written for Flex. Then, two emails arrived in my inbox from people who wanted components listed on The first was an open source community project called Flexed run by Uday Shankar. You can check out the four Flex components in the project or read the Flexed component blog.

The second was an email from Jim Rutherford, who has written the ThumbBrowser component. This is similar to what you’ve seen from Apple and their .Mac service lately, where you have a single image shown and when you move your mouse to the left or right other images appear. Check out the demo online and then read the blog entry for links to the source code.

The last two, Flexed Toolkit and ThumbBrowser, have been added to the Flex components page on

2 Responses to More Community Components Surfacing

  1. phil swenson says:

    Anyone know of a good Rich Text component for Flex? The one that ships with flex builder is ok, but has no support for images – which is pretty basic.

  2. magpie says:

    The Flex community should have a look at the Borland (now CodeGear) Delphi community as an example of how a component market can succeed. There are several parallels between Flex and Delphi.