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Flex Builder 2 New Pricing – Where Is It?

Today is the day that Flex Builder starts selling at the new lower price. However, a quick visit over to the Adobe store shows that the price hasn’t changed – so what gives? Well, sometimes in large companies its hard to align schedules with everyone. In this case, the update schedule for the store and our new re-pricing didn’t fall on the same date. The online store will be updated next Thursday, November 8th, and will reflect the new pricing. You can purchase Flex Builder today from any authorized resellers at the new lower price, or you can purchase online through the Adobe store and have your money refunded to you.

The new pricing for Flex Builder is: Flex Builder 2 – US $249 (reduced from $499) and Flex Builder 2 with Charting – US $699 (reduced from $749). Regional pricing will align with these new lower US prices.