Flex Beta 3 Released – And More Good News

The final beta of Flex 3 has been released on Labs. This new release focuses on overall quality and performance, providing a final look at Flex Builder 3 and Adobe AIR prior to launch. There is also a new release of the Adobe AIR runtime. Get them while they’re hot!

We also announced the opening of the AMF specification (download the AMF spec) and a new, open source product called Blaze DS. Blaze DS is “the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Adobe® Flex™ and Adobe AIR™ applications for more responsive rich Internet application (RIA) experiences.” Ever wanted to build an RIA that included real time data? Now you can, with a completely open source based solution. (Download Blaze DS now.)

The release of Blaze DS follows our other open source initiatives, like the open sourcing of the Tamarin virtual machine to Mozilla, and the Flex framework, compiler and debugger.

53 Responses to Flex Beta 3 Released – And More Good News

  1. Carlo Lazzeri says:

    I was forced to upgrade to beta 3 from beta 2 today. I too have valid licenses for both Flex Builder 2 and Flex Charting. Can you provide me with licenses that I can use in the beta 3? Thanks.

  2. Kapil Viren Ahuja says:

    Hi,I want to register the Flex SDK to use a license and in the process remove the watermark from the ADvancedDataGrid and Charting.I already have a license that works fine if i use a Flex Builder, but I need to provide the same license to a SDK that does not have a Flex Builder powering it (I am using ant scripts to automate the build).Can you help?Thanks~k

  3. Sonia Halvorson says:

    Hello,I’ve purchased Flex 3 Builder Professional, but am having the same watermark problem with my Charts (and pre-existing charts do not publish at all). I purchased Flex Builder 2 with Charting last year.Adobe don’t seem to be able to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.- Sonia

  4. Simon Smith says:

    Hello,I am having the same problem with my Flex 3 beta 3 license. As with other posts here, my Flex 2 license will not work. I can’t go back to Flex 2 because the project I’m working on requires features of Flex 3. Can you help me extend my beta license?Thanks,Simon

  5. Yuliya Prychyna says:

    Hello,I am having the same problem with my Flex 3 beta 3 license. As with other posts here, my Flex 2 license will not work. I can’t go back to Flex 2 because the project I’m working on requires features of Flex 3. Can you help me extend my beta license?Thanks,Yuliya

  6. Carol says:

    Hi Matt,I’m facing the same watermark problem. Could you please send me the temp FB3 license key please?Thanks alot.

  7. Rene Molina says:

    Hello Matt,I have 2 weeks left on my Flex 3 beta 3 license. As with other posts here, my Flex 2 license will not work. The project I’m working on requires features of Flex 3 so I’m not able to just go back to Flex 2 until whenever the GA release takes place. Can you help me extend my beta license?Thanks,Rene

  8. KFord says:

    Just following Peter’s directions he outlined in the comment above worked perfectly for me. It at least allows me to continue using my Flex 3 Beta environment for my older Flex 2 projects without watermarks.

  9. Asai says:

    Ok, I trust that you know what you’re talking about. Thanks very much for the feedback. I know you guys are busy busy.

  10. Matt says:

    Ted’s article is from 4 months ago. Honestly I would recommend waiting for a week or two if you can.

  11. Asai says:

    So, according to Ted, if I buy Flex Builder 2 for $299, does that mean I can upgrade for free? Or is it an approximately $99 upgrade? Where can I find more info about this?

  12. Matt says:

    Don’t worry about purchasing maintenance at this point. Upgrade pricing will be similar.

  13. Asai says:

    Hi Matt,I’m trying to purchase the maintenance package which enables one to upgrade to FLex 3 for free which Ted Patrick outlined in his blog last October ($99 Maintenance Package, Flex 2 with Charting for $299 http://www.onflex.org/ted/2007/10/flex-3-beta-2-lower-price-flex-builder.php), and it seems that I and a number of others are trying to find out where one can purchase this package. Ted doesn’t seem to be answering the questions people are asking him on this blog post…is this an error? Or is it the real thing? I’m down with Flex 3, but if I can’t actually buy this upgrade package, nobody wins.

  14. Jos Rozen says:

    I also suffer from this Watermark issue in my Flex3 Beta3 Air project. This “Flex Data Visualization Trial” does NOT look good during my demos… Is there a way to get a temp Flex3 key ?Thanks.Jos

  15. Bill says:

    Hi,We are building flex 3 sites for our customer. They want us remove the watermarks. When will flex 3 be available? Where can we purchase the license? Our customer need our response!!Thanks,Bill

  16. Evan says:

    Matt,I also need a flex 3 charting license as soon as possible.Thanks,Evan

  17. vivek says:

    Hi Matt,I am unable to remove the Watermark in my AIR Project in Flex 3 Beta3. I have a valid Flex2 Charting license. Would really appreciate if you can send me a temp key for flex3.Thanks,Vivek

  18. Leena Jain says:

    Hi Matt,I am facing the same issue.Am unable to remove Watermark in my AIR Project in Flex3 Beta3 thoughI have license for Flex-2 charting.Need a temp key for Flex 3.Regards,Leena Jain

  19. pratap says:

    Hi,am facing license problem too.I need a license for beta3. Or tell me a way how to acivate beta3 using flex2 license key.Thanks & RegardsPratap

  20. Ginger says:

    I would also like a serial # to use Flex3 charting sans watermark, pretty please. I tried backporting to Flex2, but you’ve been industrious at bugfixing in the meantime. 🙂 My app hangs in Flex2 calculating an axis… I didn’t get far enough with the backport to see if I could get rid of the watermark. I do have a Flex2 charting license.

  21. Matt says:

    I wouldn’t be concerned 😉

  22. Asai says:

    I’m currently using the Flex Builder 3 Beta 3, I still have about 30 days left in the trial, but I’m a little concerned about not being able to continue using Flex 3 after the trial expires. I’m already set on Flex 3, so I’m wondering if there’s any way I can purchase a license early so that I won’t run into losing the ability to work on my apps when the trial runs out.Thanks a lot.

  23. Gionata Lenzi says:

    I have the same problem watermark. Help, send me a valid license key for the beta 3, my current FB2 license is not accepted.ThanksGionata

  24. Hi there,please add my name to the people-needing-licence-key list.I am about to convince a customer to use the Flex tecnology instead of traditional AJAX because of the AdvanceDataGrid object, but the final presentations do not look very impressive with the watermark.Also, I could not find information about how the final licensing model would look like. I would appreciate if someone can forward me to where this information lays.Thanks for this great forum

  25. Jaco Graaff says:

    Hi – I am also in urgent need of the Beta 3 Code. I’ve been using flex2 for a couple of projects and am quite exited about flex3 features – especially advanced datagrid – which I hve been using in a proposal for a new projetc and demos of the project – suddenly I have an terrible un-profesional warning on my datagrid. Please can I get a temporary code for this Betathx

  26. Christian says:

    Need a licence for Flex 3 b3. Our Flex 2 licence doesn’t work, especially charting!This is urgent!Thanks in advanceChristian Kerwer

  27. I also need to obtain a temporary license. All my charting components, especially in my AIR apps all have watermarks. Pleas help!

  28. monk.e.boy says:

    Hi,I am stuck and I don’t know who or where to ask this question, so I opted for this blog :-)I am using Flex beta 3 (very nice product :-)Can I rotate a TextArea with HTML text styled with CSS? If so, how?Are there any tutorials about how to use many different character sets (like Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, English, Norwegean etc) all in one app? And how would I rotate these characters (see above question)Please drop me an email 🙂 I have no other way of finding this out – sorry!!monk.e.boy

  29. FredMBarrett says:

    I need to add my name to the Flex-3-folks-needing-charting-serial-numbers

  30. Kelvin says:

    Hi Matt,I just upgraded my SDK from beta 2 to beta 3, and I got the following error while compiling my code:Error: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: PieChart.I didn’t have this problem while using Flex 3 beta 2 with my Flex 2 license key and charting license key.Could you please help me out?Thx,Kelvin

  31. need a serial too.thanks matt,francesco

  32. Al Sievert says:

    Hi Matt,Im in need of a temporary serial as well.Thanks,Al

  33. peterd says:

    anass boukalane,Are you using Flex Builder 3 beta 3? I believe the Flex SDKs in the earlier betas were set to expire on Jan. 31, which sounds like what you’re running into. You should be able to uninstall beta 2, and then download and install beta 3 from http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flex/flexbuilder3/.Or, you could try downloading and using a newer version of the Flex 3 SDK from http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flex/sdk/flex3sdk.html. Although I don’t believe you would be able to use charting or AIR (so it is better to download the latest beta).Hope that helps,PeterPeter

  34. peterd says:

    Juan Gonzalez,I believe you should only need a serial if you need to remove the watermark from the charting components.Can you confirm that you’re using the beta 3 (or newer) SDK from your project’s compiler settings.Project > Properties > Flex Compilers (make sure the SDK version being used is something like “Flex 3 (Beta 3)”.Peter

  35. anass boukalane says:

    i’m using Flex3 plugin , i have 4 projets , i still having 33 free days to use Flex , but i have strange error in only on project : ” Beta expired. “what can i do ?thx

  36. Juan Gonzalez says:

    Hi,I just installed the new beta 3 and I had beta 2 before and had 33 days of license life. Now I try to run my application and is not working. Do you think I need a new serial key and if that is the case I read you said we could get one from you. Is it that possible?I appreciate your support.thanks,Juan Gonzalez

  37. Paul Willarson says:

    I was forced to upgrade to beta 3 from beta 2 today. I too have valid licenses for both Flex Builder 2 and Flex Charting. Can you provide me with licenses that I can use in the beta 3? Thanks.

  38. KRISS says:

    We’re studying flex and thinking about moving from Microsoft’s technology to Flex.But suddenly after 2 hours the Beta 3 just expired (both Builder and SDK)would you please send me the serials, Matt?

  39. Arnold says:

    Hey Matt,I am in need of a Flex 3 serial and I can’t find your email anywhere! Any help?

  40. Jonathan Campos says:

    Matt,I understand you want to get contacted if we need a license for Flex 3 beta 3 for charting. I have charting on my Flex 2 (due to license), but I can’t get things working for my AIR project that requires charting (I can’t choose Flex 2 SDK because it says that it won’t compile my AIR app). Please let me know what we can do about this soon.Jonathan

  41. Per Kristian says:

    I did not find any contact info for help with a serial for the latest beta version of Flex Builder. Can you help me with this Matt?- Pk

  42. John says:

    i have the same problem it is not accepting my serial for charting

  43. Jason Perry says:

    I’m running into the same serial number problem. Who should I contact for a new temporary serial number?-Jason

  44. Matt says:

    Hi Jason,We originally intended to allow the Flex 2 serial to work through all of our betas, but due to some schedule changes we needed to do things a little differently. We were not setting out to cause this sort of inconvenience. As I said above, if you need a serial please contact me, folks can attest that we’ve been very responsive.Matt

  45. Regarding licensing and Flex Builder 3: Beta 3Is just the Advanced Charting affected? When I try to enter my license key for Flex Builder 2 as I’ve done with past betas it informs me that the serial # is invalid. (Flex Builder 3: Beta 2 accepts the serial #)While I understand that you are close to releasing Flex Builder 3. I think this was a poor decision.I. If you had let it remain as it had been with the beta accepting FB2 licenses. Sure, you might release before those 90 days were up…but at worse it’d mean that someone might delay purchase by a month or two.II. By removing that licensing option a number of negatives are created:- Potential loss of functionality- Confusion…one co-worker who just got a Mac could not understand why he couldn’t register Flex Builder anymore. It wasn’t until I upgraded to beta 3 that I realized the issue. But this downtime causes confusion and lost productivity.- The change is such that it leaves a user feeling as if they are having taken away something they had prior. This from a psychological standpoint is always a negative.Just seems that the decision provides little benefit while creating the potential for confusion and disappointment.- Jason The Saj

  46. Yup, we had to pull the UI from FlexBuilder Design View but the SDK work is still there with code-editing support in the FlexBuilder 3 code editor. I go into a bit more detail on my blog: http://iamdeepa.com/blog/?p=17

  47. Matt says:

    Hi,We did unfortunately need to remove the UI for Enhanced Constraints from Flex Builder. The underlying logic is still present in the SDK, but we decided that we had a few too many holes in the UI and just weren’t going to be able to get it right in this release. We do hope to have a version of it in Thermo and other future Flex releases. Deepa is planning on blogging more about this on her blog next week.

  48. Brett says:

    Did you guys remove the Enhanced Constraints? I really liked the new UI that was in beta 2 but now I don’t have it in beta 3. Was it removed or do I need to turn it on some how? The anchoring visuals was very helpful and easy to understand. I really hope its in the final build or we have the option to turn it on.Currently using beta 3 on mac os x leopard

  49. Matt says:

    You may contact me directly if you have a valid use-case for removing the watermark from the beta. mchotin AT adobe DOT com.

  50. Peter Flynn (Adobe) says:

    Hi Shannon,Because beta 3 is so close to the final product, Flex Charting 2 licenses will no longer remove the watermark on Flex 3 charts.However, you can use Flex Builder 3 to compiler with the Flex 2.0.1 SDK, where your charting serial number will still work. Here’s how:1. Go to project’s Properties > Flex Compiler. Change the SDK setting to Flex 2.0.12. Navigate to your FB install directory, and drill down to sdks/2.0.1/frameworks3. Open license.properties and enter your serial number on the “charting=” line4. Do a clean build of your project- Peter

  51. anon says:

    same question as previous poster. how do we go about removing the watermark

  52. Shannon says:

    Can we no longer remove the “Flex Data Visualization Trial” watermark? It seems that beta 3 is rejecting my Flex 2 serial number.