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eBay Changes Rules From Flex Developer Feedback

When companies jump into new markets that they don’t know, things don’t always go smoothly. However, if they respond quickly and fix problems, they can really make an impact. Such is the case with eBay, who recently launched a Widget contest and encouraged Flex developers to enter. Doug McCune pointed out a few problems with the original contest though – open source code wasn’t allowed, and the widgets were limited to 200 kb. Pretty tough for a Flex developer. Doug blogged about these problems, I noticed his blog, and sent the comments over to eBay. They called him the same day, went back to their lawyers, and have now updated the rules for their contest – open source code under the MIT or BSD license is allowed, and applications can be up to 400 kb.

Its nice to see positive things coming from blogging.

– Mike Potter

O’Reilly call for technical editors

Thanks everybody for your support and eagerness to participate in Adobe Developer Library projects!

Since we put the call out on Friday (January 25th) afternoon, O’Reilly received over two dozen inquiries. Over the course of the next couple weeks O’Reilly will be contacting and vetting reviewers and getting them on to projects; they’ll be contacting everyone one way or another, so they don’t want folks to worry about not hearing from them.


previous message (posted 1/25):

Calling all technical editors:

Want to contribute to the creation of a Flex book, but don’t have time to write? O’Reilly is looking for tech reviewers for a few upcoming Flex book projects (Flex 3 cookbook and Programming Flex 3, and other possible future books). If you’re experienced in the Flex development or app-design environment, contact Steve Weiss, at steve at

Best of luck to you!


Amy Wong
Senior Technical Editor
Adobe Developer Connection

Flex Camp Washington – The 10th Flex Camp Worldwide

The Flex Camp in Washington, DC, to be held February 13th, 2008, will be the 10th Flex Camp hosted since the first one only 6 months ago. Flex Camp Washington is an all day event, running from 9 AM to 5 PM at the AEA David Packard Conference Center in downtown Washington. Seating is limited to 70 people – so register now. Attendees will learn about Flex components, events and data communication. The event is being held in conjunction with About Web.

Again, if you’re interested in holding your own Flex Camp event, please check out the Flex Camp page for details on how to get started.

– Mike Potter

Flex Camp – Growing Worldwide

After a break for the Christmas holidays, Flex Camps are back. There are two Flex Camp events that are being held in the next few months – one in Omaha, Nebraska (Jan 23rd) and another in Lisbon, Portugal (Feb 19th). Registration for both events is free, but seats are limited.

These camps follow in the footsteps of Flex Camps in San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, and Romania.

Toronto will be hosting a Flex Camp Toronto 2 on May 15th, 2008.

If you’re interested in hosting a Flex Camp, head to and find out how Adobe can support you in hosting an event of your own.

– Mike Potter

Win $10,000 With eBay Widget Contest

Have you tried the eBay AIR application and thought you could do better? Here’s your chance. eBay is launching a widget contest for Flash and Flex developers with the chance to win one of five $10 K prizes. The contest starts January 15th and runs until February 22nd. Get more details from the contest site, and bookmark the page to enter on the 15th.

– Mike Potter