eBay Changes Rules From Flex Developer Feedback

When companies jump into new markets that they don’t know, things don’t always go smoothly. However, if they respond quickly and fix problems, they can really make an impact. Such is the case with eBay, who recently launched a Widget contest and encouraged Flex developers to enter. Doug McCune pointed out a few problems with the original contest though – open source code wasn’t allowed, and the widgets were limited to 200 kb. Pretty tough for a Flex developer. Doug blogged about these problems, I noticed his blog, and sent the comments over to eBay. They called him the same day, went back to their lawyers, and have now updated the rules for their contest – open source code under the MIT or BSD license is allowed, and applications can be up to 400 kb.

Its nice to see positive things coming from blogging.

– Mike Potter

4 Responses to eBay Changes Rules From Flex Developer Feedback

  1. Christophe says:

    Accepting open-source is great, if they could accept non UK,US or CA resident (except Quebec!!) widgets that would even be greater…

  2. Sweet, those limits were tough considering Flex itself is open.

  3. Matt Greene says:

    I suppose it takes a blog to get noticed. I emailed Ebay about this when they posted the contest originally.

  4. Doug McCune does it again!!!(He’s like the Flex Community’s David Horowitz!)