Follow-up on Flex Builder 3 Serial Numbers

Here’s the update on the serial numbers. We have identified the problem in the system that prevented serial numbers from getting into the system to allow FB Pro serial numbers to be sent out (FB Standard are working fine). Our team is going to let things propagate over night and test very early in the morning. We will hopefully be live by Noon PST on Tuesday 2/26 (tomorrow). Once we are live we should be able to generate emails to everyone who had bought who was waiting on a serial. However, feel free to check the download center for your serial occasionally starting at 8am PST in case the email generation is delayed.

Once again, we’re really sorry for the inconvenience. I know how it feels to get that new toy and find out batteries weren’t included 🙂

Update at 9am EST: all serial numbers are up and customers should be able to get their serials from the download page.

21 Responses to Follow-up on Flex Builder 3 Serial Numbers

  1. Ben says:

    Ok, just uninstalled my trial version of Flex, restarted the system, installed Licensed Flex Version, removed the file but, still can not get past the Trial Version Expired Screen. What should I do now?? Any info would be a big help??Matt sez: if you have the trial version expired screen you should be able to enter the serial number, right? If you’re still having trouble I’d recommend contacting Adobe support, they can help with install and licensing issues.

  2. Matt says:

    Jay,Remove the file here and you’ll get an opportunity to re-enter the serial (or just edit the file, though it won’t unzip the charts source I think).Windows XP: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Adobe\Flex\license.propertiesVista: C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Flex\license.propertiesMac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flex/

  3. Jay says:

    I purchased a Standard 3.0 Flex Builder and I liked it so much bought the Pro. When I install it , it doesn’t ask for the Pro serial and still shows it as the standard. How do I uninstall or clear the original ?

  4. deverson says:

    serial flex builder 3

  5. kalai says:

    may 2008 serial number

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  7. Matt says:

    Hi Andy, I think you will need to wait for the box to arrive for the serial, though you can of course download the trial in the meantime.Hi David, please search your system for and potentially just remove it if you find it. Are you using the Eclipse plugin or standalone?

  8. David says:

    Hi, I was running the Beta3.Uninstalled and installed RC1.When the final release happened my RC1 version stopped working, (I had at least 45 days left on trial), so I uninstalled and installed the Trial version. It worked for about 3 hours and then when I restarted exlipse, it tells me my trail has expired.I have no (I am on XP) in either the ALLUsers or my User area (There are Adobe Folders but no Flex Folder).I have tried using the -clean option. no go.Any Ideas?Thank you in advance.

  9. Andy says:

    If I purchase the boxed version will I have to wait until I get it or will it also be available on the Downloads website?

  10. Matt says:

    Hi Mike,If you want to contact me offlist with your email and Adobe ID I can try to see if customer service knows anything (but might just be best to contact them yourself at this point).

  11. mike says:

    It’s the 27th and my serial number still hasn’t appeared 🙁

  12. Matt says:

    Bill, It should be the next few days as far as I know.Ron, you may need to just manually update the serial number in the file which can be found here: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Adobe\Flex\

  13. Ron says:

    need a Flex Builder 3 standard uninstaller for Windows XP. When I uninstall FB3 standard through Add and Remove programs and install FB3 Pro the standard license still appears in the Manage Flex Licenses under help. When I do an upgrade it tells me that my license key is invalid. I did a fresh install at home without installing FB3 standard and I was successful installing FB3 Pro. I did regedit and searched for Flex Builder 3 and that did not help. So I need a FB3 Standard uninstaller…:)

  14. Bill Bagent says:

    What about the folks who have a maintenance agreement on FB2? When will we get FB3 serial numbers?I hope it goes better than the CF7 to CF8 upgrade? It took us more than 2 months to get Adobe to send us the CF8 serial numbers (we had a current maintenance agreement for CF7).

  15. Peter says:

    Same as usual with all Adobe products – why is the software so much more expensive in Europe than in the US? According to the exchange rate $/€ Flex Builder 3 should cost €470 but in the German store but it is actually €593. Why can’t I download the stuff from the US store? I feel cheated.

  16. Yves says:

    Thanks MattCleaning and rebuilding the project did remove the watermark from the resulting swf (either RUN or Exported build) !!But I still get the watermark is design mode during development despite restaring Flex a few times.Weird isn’t it ?? If you could have someone check this out when the serial storm has cleared !!!ThanksYves

  17. Matt says:

    Hi Yves,You should be able to simply rebuild your project (do a clean build) or you may need to even restart Flex Builder.

  18. Yves Custeau says:

    Got the serial from the web store.Despite stating that the serial is for “FlexBuilder Profressional upgrade” my charts still have the watermark Flex Charting Trial.Please help !!Thanks

  19. Tangent says:

    Thanks guys for getting on top of this.

  20. nice one, i had this problem, but serial now sorted.

  21. rich kim says: