Follow-up on Flex Builder 3 Serial Numbers

Here’s the update on the serial numbers. We have identified the problem in the system that prevented serial numbers from getting into the system to allow FB Pro serial numbers to be sent out (FB Standard are working fine). Our team is going to let things propagate over night and test very early in the morning. We will hopefully be live by Noon PST on Tuesday 2/26 (tomorrow). Once we are live we should be able to generate emails to everyone who had bought who was waiting on a serial. However, feel free to check the download center for your serial occasionally starting at 8am PST in case the email generation is delayed.

Once again, we’re really sorry for the inconvenience. I know how it feels to get that new toy and find out batteries weren’t included 🙂

Update at 9am EST: all serial numbers are up and customers should be able to get their serials from the download page.