Its On – Flex 3.0 and Adobe AIR 1.0 Are Here!

The big day has finally arrived! Flex 3.0 and Adobe AIR 1.0 have arrived. The software shouldn’t be that new to people – its been available on Adobe Labs in beta form for a few months now. Here’s a run down of new sites and new things available to Flex customers and those interested in Flex.

If you’d like to buy Flex Builder 3.0 its available in two versions: Flex Builder 3 Standard and Flex Builder 3 Professional. Both are available right now from the Adobe online store. Standard is $249 US, Professional costs $699. Upgrades are available as well – get all the details on upgrades.

Those of you purchasing Adobe Flex can receive a set of Flex, ActionScript and AIR posters by registering your product with Adobe. In Flex Builder 3.0 final select Help -> Register Flex Builder or go to this website. Register your copy, then follow the links to the form to request your set of posters, mailed to you free of charge. Along with the posters you’ll receive offers for discounts from Adobe partners like, O’Reilly, Total Training, and Figleaf.

You can download a trial version of Flex Builder 3 Professional – the download is now a 60 day trial, not a 30 day trial. When you download the trial version, you’ll have the option of subscribing to 7 email messages from Adobe to help you with your trial. Subscribing to these messages will NOT subscribe you to other communications from Adobe (yeah!) – only those helpful tips to help you develop Flex applications. (That’s the Flex marketing team working for you!) Hopefully you find those messages helpful. Also, if you use the above link, you won’t have to login to to download Flex. Sweet!

For those of you just learning Flex, you’ll want to visit the new Flex 3 Getting Started wiki site. Its extremely helpful and will help you get your first Flex application up and running quickly.

Adobe also launched some new websites today. is now a site for all of Adobe’s work in the open source community, including the work with the Adobe Flex SDK. Check it out. There’s also a new microsite on site about rich Internet applications.

Adobe user groups throughout the world will be holding launch events in the next few weeks. Check out this list of Adobe Flex user groups to find one near you, visit their website and join them for a great party. Most (if not all) will have exclusive swag for this launch that you won’t want to miss. Trust me.

The Adobe Flex product page and the Adobe Flex developer center have undergone major renovations in an effort to simplify navigation.

360 Flex is on in Atlanta this week. If you didn’t get there you’re missing out on a huge party celebrating Flex and the release. Don’t miss out on the next one – subscribe to their blog or head over for 360 Flex in Europe in April.

The onAIR Tour is heading to Europe this spring. Check out the tour to learn more about Flex and AIR with Adobe evangelists.

Finally, along with the release, we’ve started a new ad campaign as well. You’ll notice ads for Flex and AIR on developer sites throughout the web, leading to pages on and When you see the Flex ad on a site watch the stars on the ad closely for a surprise. (HInt: watch the stars in the bottom right of the ad closely.)

The campaign name is “on”.

Its on the web. Its on the desktop.

Most importantly, with it you’re well “on” your way to building awesome rich Internet applications.


Mike Potter
Proud Adobe Flex Team Member