Its On – Flex 3.0 and Adobe AIR 1.0 Are Here!

The big day has finally arrived! Flex 3.0 and Adobe AIR 1.0 have arrived. The software shouldn’t be that new to people – its been available on Adobe Labs in beta form for a few months now. Here’s a run down of new sites and new things available to Flex customers and those interested in Flex.

If you’d like to buy Flex Builder 3.0 its available in two versions: Flex Builder 3 Standard and Flex Builder 3 Professional. Both are available right now from the Adobe online store. Standard is $249 US, Professional costs $699. Upgrades are available as well – get all the details on upgrades.

Those of you purchasing Adobe Flex can receive a set of Flex, ActionScript and AIR posters by registering your product with Adobe. In Flex Builder 3.0 final select Help -> Register Flex Builder or go to this website. Register your copy, then follow the links to the form to request your set of posters, mailed to you free of charge. Along with the posters you’ll receive offers for discounts from Adobe partners like, O’Reilly, Total Training, and Figleaf.

You can download a trial version of Flex Builder 3 Professional – the download is now a 60 day trial, not a 30 day trial. When you download the trial version, you’ll have the option of subscribing to 7 email messages from Adobe to help you with your trial. Subscribing to these messages will NOT subscribe you to other communications from Adobe (yeah!) – only those helpful tips to help you develop Flex applications. (That’s the Flex marketing team working for you!) Hopefully you find those messages helpful. Also, if you use the above link, you won’t have to login to to download Flex. Sweet!

For those of you just learning Flex, you’ll want to visit the new Flex 3 Getting Started wiki site. Its extremely helpful and will help you get your first Flex application up and running quickly.

Adobe also launched some new websites today. is now a site for all of Adobe’s work in the open source community, including the work with the Adobe Flex SDK. Check it out. There’s also a new microsite on site about rich Internet applications.

Adobe user groups throughout the world will be holding launch events in the next few weeks. Check out this list of Adobe Flex user groups to find one near you, visit their website and join them for a great party. Most (if not all) will have exclusive swag for this launch that you won’t want to miss. Trust me.

The Adobe Flex product page and the Adobe Flex developer center have undergone major renovations in an effort to simplify navigation.

360 Flex is on in Atlanta this week. If you didn’t get there you’re missing out on a huge party celebrating Flex and the release. Don’t miss out on the next one – subscribe to their blog or head over for 360 Flex in Europe in April.

The onAIR Tour is heading to Europe this spring. Check out the tour to learn more about Flex and AIR with Adobe evangelists.

Finally, along with the release, we’ve started a new ad campaign as well. You’ll notice ads for Flex and AIR on developer sites throughout the web, leading to pages on and When you see the Flex ad on a site watch the stars on the ad closely for a surprise. (HInt: watch the stars in the bottom right of the ad closely.)

The campaign name is “on”.

Its on the web. Its on the desktop.

Most importantly, with it you’re well “on” your way to building awesome rich Internet applications.


Mike Potter
Proud Adobe Flex Team Member

40 Responses to Its On – Flex 3.0 and Adobe AIR 1.0 Are Here!

  1. ramesh says:

    Hi,i have a problem when i am trying to watch in eclipse debuging mode plz help me out….i error what i am getting is…..An internal error occurred during: “Evaluating Flex expression…”.

  2. I think this is among the most important information for me. And i am glad reading your article. But should remark on few general things, The web site style is wonderful, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers

  3. mp marco media active problem.Help mee!!!flash mx 2008 full

  4. Larry McLister says:

    Hi Kevin,Did you try steps similar to the ones above? If not can you try a modified version of the steps above except of course without removing the dvd. If you are using some external media/drives please remove them in place of the removal of the DVD/CD.Are you running the installer from a usb drive or some other media?Do you have any devices attached to your system?One other question. What are the exact steps to reproduce the issue you are seeing?fwiw here are the related google search results

  5. KS says:

    Oh noes! I don’t get it guys. The checksum is right, I completely cleaned my home PC, and yet the same error as before. Help me out here guys? It doesn’t do this on my work PC. Hmm. Halp!

  6. ks says:

    Oh, and thanks Matt for the checksums.

  7. KS says:

    Larry, no I didn’t burn it to DVD. I just downloaded it as usual. I will try what you suggest after work today. Thanks again for taking the time to look into it.

  8. Larry Mclister says:

    Hi Folks,We have posted a couple of revised Mac DMGs that will resolve the issue people were seeing on Leopard. The MD5 sums for the new Mac builds are below.(Please ignore the one posted above.) The Windows MD5 sums have not changed.Thanks-LarryFB3_WWEJ_Plugin.dmg25CBFF29727A006ABE61165F7570DBAEFB3_WWEJ.dmg557670DB662EBE32660ED4DEE9B3147F

  9. Larry McLister says:

    Hi KS,Did you burn the installer onto a CD or DVD? If so you may be hitting a random Windows driver issue that we have seen (as have other software vendors). We have captured it in Flex Builder bug FB-12080 but are fairly certain it is a Windows driver issue.Issue: No Disk error pops up the 1st time a flex application is Launched in a new workspace after install FB standalone from DVD. Uninstall FB2. Delete the workspace but save off any projects that you have in the workspace3. Restart machine.4. Install FB SA from DVD5. Take out DVD from DVD drive6. Restart machine7. Launch FB in a new worksapce8. Import the projects you saved offThe support team should have a tech note up on this shortly if it isn’t already.

  10. Matt says:

    Hi KS,Pretty sure you have an incomplete download there. Unfortunately it does seem to like to start even if not everything arrived.Here are the Windows checksums if you want to verify:FB3_win.exe: 5685090ac5f2a514075e7a7bd7ba1eb0FB3_Plugin_win.exe: 1c7d23ca2af4b596ab0d558097c90a5d

  11. KS says:

    Oh, sorry, here is the screenshot for the error.

  12. KS says:

    Hmm. Well I got my work PC to install correctly (without testing anything in the browser). Now, my home machine is giving me a ‘Windows disk’ error that I can’t click out of anytime I do anything related to Firefox (or default browser?) Check it out.If you saw my earlier post, you know I am by now familiar with the extensive cleaning process that is required if you had a bunch of betas and other stuff installed. I think this might be a partial download this time. Anyone?

  13. Matt says:

    Hi Brett,Re 10.4.9 requirement, Apple’s latest version of Tiger is 10.4.11 and I believe we found some issues on 10.4.8 and decided we needed to restrict it. Unfortunately QA decided the problem was severe enough that it appears we are enforcing the minimum supported version. I’ll try to find out more of what the issue was, but unfortunately we’re not going to have a real workaround.Sorry!Matt

  14. Stephen Buckley says:

    For those Of you having problems with Mac installers form the store. The issue may not simply be the disk images, but an issue with Leopard.For example I downloaded the DMG’s to my windows Boot Camp (Windows Vista) which I booted into using the alt key at startup, copied the disk image to a USB stick, rebooted into Leopard and ran the installer it worked fine.There seems to be a security mechanism in Leopard which knows that the disk image was downloaded from the internet and should bring up a security warning, so the installer hangs waiting for a response from you on a dialog which it has yet to displayed. Most strange.Try downloading the Mac Plugin using a windows machine,the 60 day trial of Flex builder works OK as well. Glenn, the plugin is a separate download, go to choose Flex 3 from the drop down and follow the link for the plugin version

  15. Glenn Kidd says:

    It seems that you cannot install the eclipse plug-in as an option anymore. Or is this just a new requirement of the trial? I cannot find a link to the plugin but there seems to be documentation on this. Can someone point me in the right direction?

  16. Larry Mclister says:

    Hi birdcsOne other thing. You may be hitting an issue with the way the DMG is packaged and behaving on Leopard. Can you try copying the Flex Builder installer DMG from the mounted DMG to your desktop and running it from there rather than running it directly from the mounted DMG?thanks-Larry

  17. KS says:

    I uninstalled AIR 1.0 and deleted a partial install of Flex 3 in my Program Files from the first time it failed. After that, it worked! Thanks a lot for looking into it Larry!

  18. Larry Mclister says:

    Hi KS,It sounds like you have an incomplete download. Can you look at size is the installer file and let us know if it matches? (unfortunately the installer runs even if it is incomplete.)Thanks-LarryWindows stand alone:~395 MBMD5: 30fc10d664fd7457830cb4390a869c5dWindows plug in:~305 MBMD5: 51c1c9ab992c8c4379e75f309d75ff37

  19. Tangent says:

    I hope this serial number issue gets iron’d out soon. I have lost a whole day of productivity simply because I am stuck pretty bad at this issue.

  20. KS says:

    I have no idea what this is, but it keeps happening. When I try to install, it stops halfway through asking me to “Insert new Media”, “Please insert Disk1 or Select ‘Browse…’ to locate it manually, giving me options to browse, cancel or click ‘Ok’. But all I can really do is cancel. I even deleted the Beta 3 install directory and ran CCleaner. Any help?

  21. Larr McLister says:

    Hi birdcs,Could you please try downloading the installer again? Most likely this is due to an incomplete download. I have provided MD5 sum for the OS X plug in version of Flex Builder 3 below if you wish to verify your download.Thanks-LarryFB3_WWEJ_Plugin.dmg6ae59602e15245eeca57993ed5afa626

  22. Brett Walker says:

    Hmm, you upped the system requirements for Adobe AIR on Mac OS X to a minimum spec of 10.4.9 since the last public beta. What was the reason for this? Our whole organization is locked at 10.4.8, so we can’t run or develop any AIR content. Awesome.

  23. Matt says:

    Hi all! Sorry for the probs with the store. Customer Service is aware and they are working on it as we speak.To answer other questions:- yes, FB3 Pro will be free for education. Same deal as before, go to It might be a few days before that site is updated. ETA: even though site says Flex 2 you will get Flex 3 starting todayLinux AIR client is still off in the future, as is FB Linux coming out of alpha.

  24. R. Grimes says:

    I called customer support on the serial number issue. They recognize that they have a problem. They said to keep checking back on the order page. Eventually, the serial number should show up – once they get the bug fixed. Until then, if you were stupid like me and uninstalled the Beta in order to install the purchased version, you just have to wait or reinstall the Beta.

  25. Richard Orelup says:

    Any time frame on the Linux AIR Client and Flex Builder coming out of beta for Linux?

  26. Dom Hardy says:

    I’m not getting a serial number either, the account says ‘contact customer services’. I’ve tried that but noone answers – guess I’m not alone. The email from Adobe store says ‘we have included your serial numbers below’ but have not.Could we get answer from you guys please, is there a problem with the system?

  27. Daniel Larsen says:

    Any news on whether students will be able to register for free like they can for FB2? We are using Flex in one of my classes and we have been hoping that we can all upgrade together.

  28. Tangent says:

    I just bought my Flex Builder 3, but it didn’t provide me the serial number, but asked me to contact customer service. I contacted customer service, and they couldn’t provide me any but told me it would take 24 hours for the system to generate a serial #.Now, with beta 3 just removed from my computer, and the official version says my trial already expired, I am feeling being trapped. 🙁

  29. rgreen says:

    Sorry, I see that you have already addressed the 404 issue. I should have read all the posts.

  30. rgreen says:

    Should the eclipse plug-in version link be working? I get a 404.

  31. chall3ng3r says:

    Great news!Congrats to all the Adobe teams.// chall3ng3r //

  32. Mike Potter says:

    We’re aware of the problem with the Mac installers on the store – and are looking into why its not working correctly.There’s also a problem with dead link to the Flex Builder Eclipse plugins, and a few other problems. We should have everything ironed out later today.Mike

  33. Stephen Buckley says:

    Mike,I don’t know who else to notify about this but there seems to be an issue with the installer disk images on the Store for the mac. The ones I have just downloaded having made an upgrade purchase just sits there and fails to install at all.filename is FB3_Plugin_mac_194161.The FB3 exhibits the same behavoirI am using OSX 10.5.2 and the behavior is consistent across both my Mac pro and my Macbook Pro. it may just be the way there have been packaged up. The 60 day trial download works fine

  34. birdcs says:

    i like cool !i m from china

  35. Cliff Meyers says:

    Any additional information about Blaze DS that might be relevant to post here? 🙂

  36. Mike Potter says:

    Yes, upgrades will work. All you need is a valid Flex Builder 3 serial number.Mike

  37. Jay says:

    Awesome!!! Have been waiting for this. Quick Question: Can I get the posters if I register my copy that’s upgrade from FlexBuilder2?