Sneak Peak at Flex 3, ActionScript and AIR Posters

The posters are back. The Flex 2 class diagram posters are back for Flex 3 (warning: link to 2.2 MB ZIP), and we’re looking for your feedback – specifically we’re looking for any errors in the poster content. The design is set at this point (so we hope you like them) – we’re now focused on making sure that the content is as error free as possible. There are 5 of them this time – 4 for Flex and one for ActionScript / AIR developers, though we’ve made them slightly smaller than last time (2 feet by 3 feet). Throughout the posters you’ll notice small AIR icons for classes and packages available to AIR developers only.

We’re working on a new process to get you the posters. For Flex 3, you simply register your copy of Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard or Professional and you’ll receive a set of the posters shipped to you at no cost. The poster bundle will also include offers from Flex partners that we think you’ll want to take advantage of.

Thanks for your feedback and comments.

– Mike Potter

33 Responses to Sneak Peak at Flex 3, ActionScript and AIR Posters

  1. George says:

    Is OSMF going to be under the hood of flash builder in the near future?Matt sez: it’s there now, check out the Flex 4 nightly builds

  2. Colin Richardson says:

    I was just wondering why the Icon for Air Packages/Classes/Properties was missing? it has a gap for the icon, but the icon itself isn’t there… very strange? did someone forget to finish the poster?Was wondering if its possible to get hold of the psd/ai file for it so I could add it myself and get it printed here in the UK? as it taken 3 weeks for it to come the first time?Plus, hopfully then I could get it printed at a bigger size, as at the moment its on the wall in the office and its too small to read all of it.

  3. Arthur says:

    I need posters

  4. Danny says:

    Great posters and already Flex 3 including! I like them very much.

  5. alek says:

    MAC OSX poster no working!!!!reload please…

  6. Hope this isn’t too late, but I just test printed the first few pages, in black and white, and it’s *really* hard to read the first page compaired to the others which have a lighter background.I dunno if Adobe are planning on making these downloadable, but it so, good gray scale printing is a must.

  7. DJ says:

    This guy made some sweet wallpapers awhile back if you guys can’t wait for your posters.

  8. Durr… Never mind. “For Flex 3, you simply register your copy of Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard or Professional and you’ll receive a set of the posters shipped to you at no cost.” 🙂

  9. Excellent. Not to be another echo, but how can we order a set?-Andy

  10. Thomas says:

    Nice job, but it would be nice to have a printer-friendly version without that much black in the background – tried to convert it by myself but didn’t succeed :(Thanks! -Thomas

  11. jaehyun chu says:

    please~~ poster~!

  12. Kwang Suk says:


  13. Kevin Jackson says:

    Any chance these will be available for purchase? I teach the products and it would be nice to have a copy for the classrooms or as giveaways for the students.

  14. hyunwoo seo says:

    Please~~ ^^;

  15. jang kyungjoon says:


  16. Danny says:

    It looks great!I really wanna get it!

  17. Great….I used to have one of these for ColdFusion. Can’t wait to get copies.***Favor to ask…can you guys talk to Adobe about letting User Groups utilize the Flash and Flex logos.Especially with Flex going open source, shouldn’t the logo go as well. Or at least allow for a non-commercial use with a restriction of not being allowed to be used in any derogatory way against Adobe, etc, etc.

  18. shin sang woo says:

    i want to flex diagram post

  19. Mathias says:

    Can’t wait for the upgrade to 3.Those look great!

  20. These posters were great for Flex 2, and now we can ” simply register your copy of Adobe Flex Builder 3 ” to get them, that’s even better.

  21. Very nice posters!Can you give us a hint how long we have to wait for the Flex 3 Final? 🙂

  22. Tink says:

    These look so much more interesting than the last set. Great job!

  23. Greg says:

    Just like the new tool calendar in the mechanics garage… new geek porn! Woho!Seriously these are great! can’t wait to get them.

  24. Suketu vYas says:

    These posters are gr8 and good design..

  25. Juan says:

    I new a large format printer would come in handy 😉 One thing I did notice from a visual standpoint is on page 5, there’s a portion where there’s dark-blue arrows on a black background graphic, which is hard to see. I noticed in other cases these arrows were reversed to white.The posters look great!

  26. Glenn Williams says:

    amazing!would be nice if these were made available without the colorful backgrounds and all the foreground text in just black, for easy printing (and reading for that matter)

  27. Mike Potter says:

    The Flex posters aren’t printed yet, so anyone looking to get them for launch parties, Flex Camps etc… will be out of luck. They’ll be ready after the launch of Flex and AIR.We’ll also have a way of getting these to user groups so that we can give them out at user group meetings throughout the year.Mike

  28. KS says:

    Awesome! Thanks Mike!

  29. Charlie Key says:

    Thanks, love the posters.

  30. Wow that is a lot to take in but looking forward to snagin’ a copy of those posters.

  31. Sweet. I think I’ll print some for our upcoming March LA AIR User Group meeting just to tease some folks that their Flex purchases will have some posters coming with it.

  32. I Mike, thanks for the Posters. Do you think that we could have some to give away in our Flex Camp next week?