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Flex Builder for Linux Alpha 3 Now Available

To coincide with the AIR Linux beta. Download here.

Feedback on curriculum

Adobe plans to create curriculum resources focusing on Flex and AIR integration within computer engineering and media arts studies in higher education; which can be used by faculty and students. These resources are a first step in Higher Education resources and will be introductory in nature. This presentation outline, documents the introduction to an online workshop as well as, the topics to be covered by the online workshop modules. The online workshop will consist of modules introducing rich Internet applications through Flex and AIR.

Thematically the content will be discussed from two points of views:
• Individuals with a computer engineering / programming background
• Individuals with an art and design background
Give these goals, please provide your feedback on the draft .

Some questions to guide your comments include:
• How much time would you or would you expect your students to spend weekly for an online workshop?
• Looking at the content outline for the online workshop modules, do you think this is the appropriate level and depth for an introductory workshop, from your perspective?
• For an introductory workshop, do you think this is too ambitious?
• When it comes to covering integration of Adobe technologies for rich Internet applications with other technologies, what would you say are the top three technologies you’d like to see covered? We’ve put a few in the outline, are these the ones you would choose or are there others you would prioritize higher?

Thanks for your feedback and helping us make the right set of resources for educators.


New Flex cookbooks release

The Adobe Developer Connection released an update of the Flex cookbooks today. Some of the changes include:

  • Ratings: The average rating for each cookbook post is calculated now by mathematic average for the cookbook post (the sum of the ratings, divided by the number of ratings). The Top posts are listed in an order based on a Bayesian calculation, which takes into account all ratings for all posts in the cookbook, and is sometimes called a “weighted rating.” Learn more about Bayesian methods from Wikipedia.

  • We added warnings for Safari users to use either FireFox and IE. Unfortunately the cookbook recipe form does not work with Safari right now. We hope to remedy that situation in an upcoming release.
  • We fixed the Comments RSS feed.
  • We added a new FAQ page.
  • Various bug fixes for the launch.

Thank you to all of the authors who contributed content for the Flex 3 launch – it’s great to see the great content contributions!

Amy Wong
Adobe Developer Connection

Flex Poster Problems and Fixes

We’re aware of a few problems with people who are trying to receive the posters with the purchase of Flex Builder Standard or Pro. Here’s what we know, and what we’re doing to fix it.

Flex education serial numbers are not working. We’re aware of this problem and do intend on fixing it. If you’re getting a serial number for Flex Builder from the free Flex Builder for education program, we plan on allowing you to get the posters for free.

Flex volume customers are unable to request posters. Again, the serial numbers for people who purchase volume licenses for Flex Builder are not recognized. We’re aware of this problem and are working to fix it.

Online store customers have their software registered automatically. When they try and use the existing process for posters, they get a message saying that the software is already registered. If this is you, you can go directly to the poster request form and submit the form.

The posters are nearly ready to be sent out. We haven’t shipped out any of them just yet, but we plan on starting to send them this week.

As you can imagine, there are lots of people involved in this, and since its not something that Adobe has ever done, its new to everyone. We really, really appreciate your patience with us.

– Mike Potter
Flex Product Marketing

Flex Camp Cleveland

Flex Camp Cleveland is set for April 7th from 9:00 – 4:00 at the Middleburg Heights Community Center in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Ben Forta and Adam Lehman from Adobe will be presenting, along with other talented individuals. The cost for the event is only $25 and includes lunch. Register for Flex Camp Cleveland today.

As a reminder, Flex Camp Oklahoma City is set for March 13th. Flex Camp Wall Street is scheduled for April 18th. You can host your own Flex Camp with support from Adobe – download this guide to start organizing your own event.