Flex Poster Problems and Fixes

We’re aware of a few problems with people who are trying to receive the posters with the purchase of Flex Builder Standard or Pro. Here’s what we know, and what we’re doing to fix it.

Flex education serial numbers are not working. We’re aware of this problem and do intend on fixing it. If you’re getting a serial number for Flex Builder from the free Flex Builder for education program, we plan on allowing you to get the posters for free.

Flex volume customers are unable to request posters. Again, the serial numbers for people who purchase volume licenses for Flex Builder are not recognized. We’re aware of this problem and are working to fix it.

Online store customers have their software registered automatically. When they try and use the existing process for posters, they get a message saying that the software is already registered. If this is you, you can go directly to the poster request form and submit the form.

The posters are nearly ready to be sent out. We haven’t shipped out any of them just yet, but we plan on starting to send them this week.

As you can imagine, there are lots of people involved in this, and since its not something that Adobe has ever done, its new to everyone. We really, really appreciate your patience with us.

– Mike Potter
Flex Product Marketing

26 Responses to Flex Poster Problems and Fixes

  1. Tony Horley says:

    You said: Flex education serial numbers are not working. We’re aware of this problem and do intend on fixing it.Hi – I have been trying to get a poster from you guys and failing at every turn.Please can you help ?- in desperation !!

  2. Mathias says:

    Have thes posters been shipped yet?I have still not receieved them even though I filled out the form right after you fixed it.

  3. ganesh says:

    When I click on one of DataGridColumn it should be display datafield and as I select date from datefield it will automatically goes to selected DataGridColumn .or when clicking on DataGridColumn it shows popup and do the same thing as explain above or any other solution to do this…Please help on this ..

  4. Huge says:

    Hi!! I try it again now and It goes OK!!!!In 2 or 3 week I will receive the posters!!!Thanks

  5. paul says:

    ok – I’m so not trying to play out all this drama in the comments of the Flex teams blog but I thought I’d post one last update about the finale. In short, Adobe has sold me the FB3 pro full retail version for $299 (yeah – that is a 400 dollar discount.) My wife has been fielding the tech support calls for the last week and after many numerous back-and-forths they not only did that for us but said that an internal email went out to the salespeople urging them to not tell people that the upgrade from FB2 edu to FB3 pro was a valid one. All I can say is thank you to adobe – a somewhat annoying experience just became a really positive one. 🙂

  6. paul says:

    ok – I think I finally nailed this down but it’s still really not addressed anywhere on the adobe site. If you call the sales line they will tell you that you can upgrade to FB3 pro from FB2 edu – then they’ll try to sell you a copy. When you call tech support because your key doesn’t work they will give you troubleshotting information for a CS3 product (I can’t tell you how many times in the last week I’ve had to hold down shift + control and click in the serial number input.) Finally, they will transfer you to volume sales where they will tell you that you can’t upgrade FB2 edu to FB3 pro. Then when you call sales back, they’ll tell you it’ll take 3 to 7 weeks to get your money back. I’m not bitter – it would just be nice if somewhere on the site it would tell us that you can’t upgrade from an edu to a retail (even though you can for cs3 products.) I dont mind paying the 699, just wish I didnt have the heartburn…

  7. Mathias says:

    It also tells me that my serial number (Which registered just fine) is not valid on the poster page.Hope it gets corrected soon.ThanksMathias

  8. I’m having that same problem where my serial # gets rejected as invalid. I have successfully registered though, aswell as validated the serial from within my installed FB trial version.I bought my FB std copy at a local dealer, needless to say it is boxed and not a student copy. However it is not the north american retail version (only for european, asain et c resellers.) Perhaps that has something to do with the problem?

  9. Huge says:

    I got my serial number yesterday and I have the same problem.Snif, snif..

  10. CC says:

    Haven’t heard anything about this in a while. Wondering what’s happening. I just tried again and it still asks me for a valid serial. Anyone have any updates?

  11. paul says:

    Wait, now I’m confused…well not more than before I guess – so can we upgrade to FB3 Pro (retail) from FB2 educational?

  12. CC says:

    Yeah my educational SN is being rejected too. I know you guys are working on it. I’ll just keep trying. Thanks Adobe! This is awesome!

  13. paul says:

    Hi Mike,I doubt many people have gone through this but after initially speaking with an adobe sales person they said I could upgrade to FB3 pro from FB2 education license. After 5 days, 6 calls and a few unanswered emails it turns out this is incorrect so I’m having to return the product to pay for the full version. The adobe website is silent on this issue and since there’ll be a flux of FB3 edu licenses out there I thought it might be something you would want to add…somewhere (the tech support that said I wasn’t eligible could not show me on the site where this is specified.)

  14. Matt says:

    Hi folks,We’re still working on these issues. Unfortunately many of us are out of the office this week due to various family situations. Please be patient.I believe students will get the download and not hard copy, but I’m not sure.

  15. KS says:

    Just curious, when you are accepted as an official eligible student by Adobe, do you get a hard copy of Flex or just a download?

  16. William Zau says:

    My serial number is being rejected to receive the posters even adobe support has validated my serial number I am entering from my Flex Builder 3 Pro CD cover I purchased 3 or 4 weeks ago…. Any clues?Thanks,Will

  17. Anil says:

    Hey Mike, I just posted regarding this topic in the other serial number discussion. I didn’t see this topic specific to the posters.FYI, I ordered through the online adobe store and my software was NOT automatically registered, I had to register it myself (no biggie).After registering, the poster request page still didn’t accept my serial number. Same thing is happening for my co-worker.

  18. Rob says:

    I am having the same issue as Jon did – I registered my copy of Flex 3 successfully, but the poster request form does not recognize the serial# as valid. This was a boxed version, if that matters at all. How can I request these posters? ThanksRob

  19. Nicolas says:

    Randy,I just scanned my Student ID and sent it to Adobe. It took 2 days and I got a brand new Flex 3 serial. So, only send a little proof and it will work.Don’t give up Mike 🙂 We’re still getting serial problem for students… No posters hehe!We must be patient.ThanksNic

  20. Puneet Goel says:

    Hi Randy,If you are finding it hard to get a dated ID or official letterhead, you can upload anything that proves you are a current student. This could be a transcript, course schedule or screen-shot of the IT system that shows enrollment.A lot of schools have an online or a very easy system for generating letters to prove enrollment.Send me a mail at pugoel at adobe dot com if you have concerns or other suggestions.Puneet

  21. Mike Potter says:

    Update: It appears as though the upgrade serial numbers aren’t working either. I’m meeting with the team to fix it – hopefully we can get this fixed in 2 – 3 weeks.Randy: I’ll pass that feedback along to our education marketing manager.Mike

  22. Randy says:

    I’m not a fan of the idea that the student IDs have to have the current semester listed on them. The student IDs that we get from the University are good for the entire time we go to school. And to get an official letterhead requires a lot of work just have someone say that I am a student.I know they want to make sure that they are currently going to school, but isn’t there a better way?

  23. iBrent says:

    Thanks for the update!When people walk by my desk, I say “Look here, this is where I’m going to put my new Flex API posters” They usually laugh and walk away shaking their heads…but soon, I’ll be the one with the last laugh.:DiBrent

  24. Mike Potter says:

    Jon:I hadn’t heard of any problems from upgrades but I’ll add that to the list. Can you email me your s/n at mpotter@adobe.com?Thanks!Mike

  25. Heya Mike — Thanks for the update, but I’m still having issues with the form saying that my upgrade SN is not valid. Is there an email address we can use to request the posters? Thanks again for all your help with this!

  26. Heya Mike — Thanks for the update, but I’m still having issues with the form saying that my upgrade SN is not valid. Is there an email address we can use to request the posters? Thanks again for all your help with this!