New Flex cookbooks release

The Adobe Developer Connection released an update of the Flex cookbooks today. Some of the changes include:

  • Ratings: The average rating for each cookbook post is calculated now by mathematic average for the cookbook post (the sum of the ratings, divided by the number of ratings). The Top posts are listed in an order based on a Bayesian calculation, which takes into account all ratings for all posts in the cookbook, and is sometimes called a “weighted rating.” Learn more about Bayesian methods from Wikipedia.

  • We added warnings for Safari users to use either FireFox and IE. Unfortunately the cookbook recipe form does not work with Safari right now. We hope to remedy that situation in an upcoming release.
  • We fixed the Comments RSS feed.
  • We added a new FAQ page.
  • Various bug fixes for the launch.

Thank you to all of the authors who contributed content for the Flex 3 launch – it’s great to see the great content contributions!

Amy Wong
Adobe Developer Connection

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