Info on our first Flex 4 theme

As you may have heard, the next version of Flex is codenamed “Gumbo” and we are beginning to get out information on the kinds of things we’re thinking about. One of our themes is called “Design in Mind” and I have now posted information on the open source site to try to set the context for what we’re looking at. Over the next few weeks, engineers will be putting up specifications and blog postings about the kinds of things we’re looking at as part of this theme. More themes will get their intros over time as well.

Given that we’re only a few months into even thinking about this release, it may be the earliest that we’ve put out anything substantial on a release that admittedly is still a ways away.

Follow the Flex 4 development plans here. (Note: will be down for maintenance on Saturday April 12, be forewarned).

4 Responses to Info on our first Flex 4 theme

  1. buhrmi says:

    the form filtered the mxml code i added for example. i mean, that it would be great to do something like this:(mx:panel)** (!– these states only affect components in this panel –)** (mx:states)**** (mx:state name=”panelWithButtons” ….)****** (mx:SetProperty ……)**** (/mx:state)**** (mx:state name=”panelWithoutButtons” ….)****** (mx:SetProperty ……)**** (/mx:state)** (/mx:states)(/mx:panel)

  2. buhrmi says:

    Hi there,i’d like to give you guys a suggestion regarding improvements to states. Having view states is a good thing. But the HUGE problem is that states are globally-application wide. what, if my application is seperated into two panels, that both should be able to host their own state? currently its not possible. I think its a great idea to beeing able to define an tag inside of any UI element (eg. a panel), and let this panel manage its own states by calling something like panel.currentState = xxx

  3. Matt says:

    It means that we believe that the work we’re doing in Gumbo will be suitable to replace some of the older work in the future. E.g., all instances of Button should eventually be the Button that we create in Gumbo, as opposed to the one that we had in Flex 2/3. This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re changing the APIs on Button, it may be a very simple code replace. But eventually we think mx.controls.Button would go away (not in Flex 4, but a release like Flex 6) and the new Button (package tbd, but something like gumbo.components.Button) would be the one everyone would use.

  4. Shigeru says:

    What is this means, specially “deprecate”?”Over multiple releases post-Gumbo we expect to deprecate the Halo model in favor of the parallel architecture introduced in Gumbo.”