Info on our first Flex 4 theme

As you may have heard, the next version of Flex is codenamed “Gumbo” and we are beginning to get out information on the kinds of things we’re thinking about. One of our themes is called “Design in Mind” and I have now posted information on the open source site to try to set the context for what we’re looking at. Over the next few weeks, engineers will be putting up specifications and blog postings about the kinds of things we’re looking at as part of this theme. More themes will get their intros over time as well.

Given that we’re only a few months into even thinking about this release, it may be the earliest that we’ve put out anything substantial on a release that admittedly is still a ways away.

Follow the Flex 4 development plans here. (Note: will be down for maintenance on Saturday April 12, be forewarned).