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Upgrade now and get your August 2008 Flex t-shirt

We are offering a free limited edition t-shirt to the first 500 people who upgrade to Flex Builder 3 starting August 1, 2008. Hurry and purchase the upgrade from the Adobe store to get your t-shirt. We hope that this will give you the extra push to upgrade soon and have access to the latest features of Flex Builder and the Flex framework.

Note that you must purchase the upgrade from the Adobe store to be eligible for this offer. After you purchase the upgrade, you will receive an email giving you further instructions on how you can specify the gender and size for the t-shirt.

Adobe Contributing AMF Support to Zend Framework

Today we’ve shared an overview of our proposal to include AMF support in the Zend Framework. This new component of the Zend Framework will allow PHP developers to build Flex applications that run in the browser using Flash Player or Adobe AIR and communicate to the server using AMF.

The proposal gives PHP developers an Adobe sponsored AMF project, bringing AMF interoperability closer to what is available for ColdFusion and Java developers. (Adobe released the AMF specification in December of 2007.)

Wade Arnold, who runs the AMFPHP project, is leading the Zend Framework work for Adobe.

For PHP developers who aren’t using the Zend Framework, there are other AMF solutions available, including AMFPHP, WebORB for PHP, SabreAMF and a native PHP extension called AMFEXT.

Andi Gutmans, CTO of Zend, has a few more details on his blog. We’re really excited to be joining the Zend Framework family – joining IBM, Google, Microsoft and others who are contributing to the framework.

Adobe is a platinum sponsor of the Zend Conference, September 15 – 18 in Santa Clara. We’ll have a few sessions there that will talk about this new Zend Framework component.

Flex in a Week is available

Flex in a Week is a week-long, video based online training program for developers. This self-paced program is free and is intended to help developers accelerate their Flex learning. The training will eventually be a full 5-day program, however we are launching with the first three days which will provide developers with enough learning to get them started using Flex. We will complete the remaining two days of content over the coming weeks.

Please help us promote this valuable new training resource by blogging about it and by including a link in your email signatures. This program should play a key role in increasing Flex adoption.

We are also looking for feedback. Please let us know what you think of this training.

AIR For Flex Developers Training from

Steve at emailed me to let me know of a new course they have up at for Flex developers. “AIR for Flex Developers is David Gassner’s follow-up to his AIR Essential Training course, and takes a deeper look at how Flex Builder 3 and the Flex 3 framework can be used to build cross-system desktop applications with Adobe AIR. David examines every point of integration with the host operating system, including working with the local file system, creating and maintaining local databases, and managing native windows and menus.”
You can get a free demo and check out the table of contents of this course.

If you’re looking for Flex training, is a great spot to start. Adobe has recently made some free Flex video training available on the Flex developer center, and Total Training is another great resource.

This Week in Flex – YouTube Style

Lyora MacRae, an intern on the Adobe developer marketing team, has begun publishing a weekly video called “This Week in Flex“, where she highlights two or three stories from the Flex community and a cool application from the Flex Showcase on She’s onto her third episode this week, and is getting much more comfortable in front of the camera.

Check out This Week in Flex on the AdobeFlexTV YouTube channel, which includes her weekly videos, and other good Flex and AIR videos that she’s found on YouTube for you.

This Week in Flex Episode 3:

This Week in Flex Episode 2:

Gumbo Docs and Specs pushed this week

MXML 2009 (update to MXML)


More Information on Next Version of Flex SDK

Today we’ve pushed a lot more information on the next version of the Flex SDK, code name Gumbo. If you check out the Gumbo page on the open source site you’ll find the following:

  • An updated overview on the themes of the release
  • A recorded presentation by Matt outlining the release
  • A whitepaper describing the updated component architecture
  • Specifications for a number of features

Additionally, we have pushed a whole bunch of source into the public repository. We had kept it private partly because it was using Flash Player 10 which we couldn’t talk about for a while, and partly because there was a huge amount of churn and we wanted to have the whitepaper and other presentations ready so that everything would make sense.

We hope you’ll peruse at your leisure and talk to us about it on the open source forums!

Note: the first nightly build using all the new stuff may not be available until tomorrow.

Introducing the new

Today we launched a new website that is now more focused on community resources. The old was focused on getting developers up and running with Flex and Flex Builder – we think that the Flex product pages and the Flex developer center are doing a great job for that right now. We decided to take the old community page from and create an entire site around that page.

The new site features Flex focused content aggregated from a number of sources. For news, we get information from Digg or DZone’s flash-flex tag. We aggregate job information from SearchCoders,, FlexGigs and We aggregate podcasts from the Flex Show and RIA Weekly.

Community members can add their own components, themes and other software to the site. User group members can add their own user groups to the site, and anyone can add events to the site, such as upcoming Flex Camp events, training events, user group meetings, and conferences. Finally, the site also has a list of Flex consultants that are available to help with Flex development.

There are a few RSS feeds that you can subscribe to from the site. The main RSS feed has a list of Flex news and information from around the web. The Flex Jobs RSS feed has a list of Flex jobs available. The Flex Podcast and Videocast RSS feed has a list of Flex focused podcasts and videocast episodes. Finally, the Flex Showcase RSS feed continues to highlight cool Flex applications that developers are building and adding to

Advanced Data Visualization with ILOG Elixir

Flex is great for a variety of rich Internet applications, but one of the most popular types of apps that developers build are data visualization applications. Flex ships with a number of data visualization components, but sometimes customers need something more than what we provide. ILOG Elixir is set of advanced data visualization components built for advanced Flex apps. Yesterday we pushed a new page on the Flex developer center live to give more information about ILOG and what the components can do. Check out the ILOG page on the Flex developer center for more information about ILOG, and if you haven’t downloaded their Flex components, you can try them out for free.

Flex 360 in San Jose – 40 Days Away

The 360 Flex conference is only 40 days away, so time to register if you haven’t already. 360 Flex is one of the top Flex conferences in the world, and is back in San Jose this year, from August 18th to the 20th. The speaker list is a who’s who in the Flex world – Axel Jensen, Ben Stucki, Chet Haase, Jeff Tapper, Josh Tynjala, Juan Sanchez, Justin Everett-Church, Ryan Stewart, Tony Hillerson and a whole bunch more.

The schedule for the event shows three full days of sessions in 4 main tracks – How’d they do that, Application Development, Integration and Custom Components.

A number of team members from the Flex team will also be at the conference – we’ll be hosting a Meet the Flex team event on one of the nights.

Registration is open now, and is only $480 for the entire 3 day conference. Register soon, this is going to sell out.