Contribute to the Flex SDK

Now that the source for the Flex SDK has been available for 3 months I’ve already seen plenty of folks taking advantage and building cool projects. But I believe there are probably plenty of people who would like to make some contributions and don’t know where to start. JIRA to the rescue! We’ve set up a list of bugs that we think are perfect candidates for folks from the community to look into, just go find a bug that looks interesting and start fixing (put a comment in the bug to say you’re looking into it).

Additionally we’ve got a little incentive program going! For every 3 patches that we accept, we’ll buy an Adobe-related book for you off of your Amazon wish list. And for the first two people who submit 10 patches that we accept, we’re going to pay for their MAX ticket!

Please check out the Flex 3 Contributions page for more information.

2 Responses to Contribute to the Flex SDK

  1. Christian Sobolewski says:

    If you want to code Flash prof. check out :

  2. fredo says:

    Fix 3 bugs and you get a book? wow – sign me up!!!