Flex in a Week is available

Flex in a Week is a week-long, video based online training program for developers. This self-paced program is free and is intended to help developers accelerate their Flex learning. The training will eventually be a full 5-day program, however we are launching with the first three days which will provide developers with enough learning to get them started using Flex. We will complete the remaining two days of content over the coming weeks.

Please help us promote this valuable new training resource by blogging about it and by including a link in your email signatures. This program should play a key role in increasing Flex adoption.

We are also looking for feedback. Please let us know what you think of this training.

8 Responses to Flex in a Week is available

  1. Rohit says:

    These videos have greately accelerated by learning and the understanding of some of the concepts.Thank you

  2. dbmuse says:

    I liked the flex training provided. I keep returning for the missing sections. Please finish the last sections before I go mad.thank you

  3. Bhuvaneswari puli says:

    Hi Frens…I am Working as Consultant-SAP.I am creating static Forms using Adobelive Cycle Designer and SAP.How Adobe Flex is useful to create Forms?Is it usefull for me if i learn Adobeflex?How will be the future with ADOBE FLEX?I have seen the article SAP WebDynpro + Adobe Flex/Flash = Enterprise UI 2.0.Working as ABAPer shall i shift to Adobe Flex?Please Suggest me.Regards[Hi Bhuvaneswari, Please look at this to see how SAP and Flex can be integrated – https://admin.adobe.acrobat.com/_a295153/sapflexteched%5D

  4. Jenson says:

    A great move and efforts to promote Flex and I’ve tried the first few lessons for Day 1 and I find it enjoying and easy to follow.By the way, I have a question here, how does this distinct itself from the one in Developer Network for Flex?I hope there are more learning resources available next time. I’m new to Flex and want to pick it up fast so that I can work on something serious pretty soon.I love Adobe Flex =)[Hi Jenson, These are hosted on the Adobe Developer Connection. There are several other learning resources for Flex on the Adobe Developer Connection. This will appeal to people who want to learn through videos and in a structured format.]

  5. Sally says:

    Any options to download the video files? It’s much convenient and does not require an Internet connection. I think there should be links to download the video files, right?[Sorry, no. I believe the only option at this point is to stream them while connected. I will pass this request along though. – Mike][Hi Sally, We are considering enabling this. This will take some time though and will not be available till we have content for all 5 days]

  6. alex says:

    thank you soo much for sharing

  7. Saeed Ashour says:

    Good work !!:) please you have to put exercise about flex + php + mysql and flex + .NET if that is possiple[Hi Saeed, We are working on these videos for day 5. Stay tuned.]

  8. What resolution were these designed for? The bottom half of the player controls are cut off on my 900px tall MacBook screen. Since when is 1024 x 768 not the standard target resolution?[Hi Ben, The video size is 1024 x 768. The player controls take some extra space. We are working on improving the experience for people who are viewing this content on smaller resolutions screens.]