Introducing the new

Today we launched a new website that is now more focused on community resources. The old was focused on getting developers up and running with Flex and Flex Builder – we think that the Flex product pages and the Flex developer center are doing a great job for that right now. We decided to take the old community page from and create an entire site around that page.

The new site features Flex focused content aggregated from a number of sources. For news, we get information from Digg or DZone’s flash-flex tag. We aggregate job information from SearchCoders,, FlexGigs and We aggregate podcasts from the Flex Show and RIA Weekly.

Community members can add their own components, themes and other software to the site. User group members can add their own user groups to the site, and anyone can add events to the site, such as upcoming Flex Camp events, training events, user group meetings, and conferences. Finally, the site also has a list of Flex consultants that are available to help with Flex development.

There are a few RSS feeds that you can subscribe to from the site. The main RSS feed has a list of Flex news and information from around the web. The Flex Jobs RSS feed has a list of Flex jobs available. The Flex Podcast and Videocast RSS feed has a list of Flex focused podcasts and videocast episodes. Finally, the Flex Showcase RSS feed continues to highlight cool Flex applications that developers are building and adding to

3 Responses to Introducing the new

  1. Adrian says:

    Nice work, a couple of bugs:If you go to the consultants page, choose ‘=’ and ‘United Kingdom’ you getFatal error: Call to undefined function dpm() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 925which is not so good.On the consultants page, something is seriously screwy with the CSS. Viewed in Firefox 2 1024×768 browser port, the Upcoming Events sidebar is rendered over the top of the right hand side of the Official Adobe Partner column of the main area, making both difficult to read.[Thanks – I fixed the bug with the call to dpm(). I’ll look into the CSS issue later. – Mike]

  2. Erik says:

    Could you please make the urls on the showcases clickable?Example: Erik[Mike – Great suggestion – we implemented that this morning.]

  3. Congrats and most importantly congrats on the opening of the beautiful showcase..