More Information on Next Version of Flex SDK

Today we’ve pushed a lot more information on the next version of the Flex SDK, code name Gumbo. If you check out the Gumbo page on the open source site you’ll find the following:

  • An updated overview on the themes of the release
  • A recorded presentation by Matt outlining the release
  • A whitepaper describing the updated component architecture
  • Specifications for a number of features

Additionally, we have pushed a whole bunch of source into the public repository. We had kept it private partly because it was using Flash Player 10 which we couldn’t talk about for a while, and partly because there was a huge amount of churn and we wanted to have the whitepaper and other presentations ready so that everything would make sense.

We hope you’ll peruse at your leisure and talk to us about it on the open source forums!

Note: the first nightly build using all the new stuff may not be available until tomorrow.