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Flex and PHP Training Now Available

The team at PHP Architect have recently announced a new course for Flex and PHP training. The course is split into 7 units and lasts 19 hours, covering everything that a PHP developer needs to know to get up to speed with Flex, including an introduction to Flex and Flex components, and how your Flex application talks to PHP. There’s also a session on Adobe AIR, and extending your PHP applications to the desktop.

Developers taking the course will get a first hand look at Flex – the actual application delivering the material was recently rewritten with Flex. As well, the August issue of PHP Architect magazine has an article about creating a chat application with Flex and PHP. Finally, there’s a talk about Flex and PHP at their PHP Works conference in Atlanta, from November 12th – 14th.

Flex developer who use PHP on the server have had a lot of great news lately. Andi Gutmans blogged about Adobe supporting the Zend Framework by providing AMF support to the Zend Framework just a few weeks ago.

Adobe Student Reps for RIAs

Adobe is looking for Adobe Student Reps for RIAs. Adobe Student Reps receive community recognition, speaking opportunities in some Adobe sponsored events, access to Adobe resources (presentation slides, information posters, contact with AIR and Flex team) and some funding available for approved events. If you are a passionate about RIAs and willing to help your classmates to know more about RIA technologies, you should consider joining this program. This is a great opportunity to get to know the Adobe team and to network with other reps.

The application form is available here. Note that you must be registered and logged onto to view and fill this form.

This week’s Gumbo specs posted

A new round of specs are posted on the Gumbo site. Check out the revised Gumbo Component Architecture whitepaper, the Gumbo Skinning overview, along with specs on the Range, Track Base, Slider, Spinner, and Numeric Stepper classes.

Flex 3 Wins Best of Open Source Award

We are very pleased that Flex 3 has won Best Open Source developer tool for RIAs as part of InfoWorld’s Best of Open Source Software Awards.

Help us continue to be the best by staying connected on the Flex Open Source site and contributing in the various ways we have listed.