Flex and PHP Training Now Available

The team at PHP Architect have recently announced a new course for Flex and PHP training. The course is split into 7 units and lasts 19 hours, covering everything that a PHP developer needs to know to get up to speed with Flex, including an introduction to Flex and Flex components, and how your Flex application talks to PHP. There’s also a session on Adobe AIR, and extending your PHP applications to the desktop.

Developers taking the course will get a first hand look at Flex – the actual application delivering the material was recently rewritten with Flex. As well, the August issue of PHP Architect magazine has an article about creating a chat application with Flex and PHP. Finally, there’s a talk about Flex and PHP at their PHP Works conference in Atlanta, from November 12th – 14th.

Flex developer who use PHP on the server have had a lot of great news lately. Andi Gutmans blogged about Adobe supporting the Zend Framework by providing AMF support to the Zend Framework just a few weeks ago.

2 Responses to Flex and PHP Training Now Available

  1. Snowcore says:

    Great tutorials. I am a PHP Developer and I like to work with Flex.

  2. Jason Plenske says:

    This is great! I hav been waiting and looking for this kind of service for months! Thank you so much PHP Architect and Adobe for