Learn about Flex and Zend at PHP User Groups

The Adobe technical evangelism team will be hitting the road in October talking about our recent announcement with Zend. PHP developers who are interested in learning about Flex and Zend should join Kevin Hoyt, Danny Dura, Ryan Stewart and Christophe Coenraets as they show developers how to get started with Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR and Zend.

Here is the schedule for this user group tour:

October 1st – Boston PHP User Group (Kevin Hoyt)

October 1st – LA Adobe User Group (Christophe Coenraets )

October 2nd – San Francisco PHP Meetup (Danny Dura)

October 2nd – Seattle PHP User Group (Christophe Coenraets )

October 8th – Triangle PHP User Group in North Carolina (Danny Dura)

October 11th – Miami PHP User Group (Danny Dura)

October 14th – Dallas PHP User Group (Danny Dura)

October 14th – Portland PHP User Group (Ryan Stewart)

October 16th – Utah PHP User Group (Ryan Stewart)

October 16th – Cincinnati PHP User Group (Kevin Hoyt)

November 4th – New York PHP User Group (Kevin Hoyt)

November 6th – Montreal PHP User Group (Kevin Hoyt)

Danny Dura will also be doing a session at the PHP Works Conference in Atlanta on November 13th.

If you can’t make any of those dates, then try to join us at MAX North America in San Francisco. Or you can learn more about Flex and PHP using Zend from the Flex developer center.

7 Responses to Learn about Flex and Zend at PHP User Groups

  1. Bastien says:

    Definitely need a stop in Toronto! Squeeze one in, please.[Sorry, no plans just yet for Toronto. We’ll consider that in the new year! – Mike]

  2. Chris says:

    Are there any other Evangelist meetings (in Utah) other than the PHP user groups? Anything near downtown SLC?[No, sorry, this is the only event we’re planning. – Mike]

  3. fdask says:

    Too bad there isn’t a stop on the tour in Toronto! I’m sure there’s more than enough Flex/PHP developers here to make it worth while.As Viktor already asked, is there any way we could virtually join one of these events?[Sorry, there’s no way to join any of these virtual events. – Mike]

  4. Ajay Poddar says:

    We are a huge group of PHP guys in Mumbai, India… Would love to host this event here… please do let us know.

  5. Viktor says:

    Hi,I’m a php developer from germany. How can I (virtualy) join one of these events?[We are planning a similar tour in Europe, including 3 cities in Germany. Check the blog for more information in the next few weeks. – Mike]

  6. Cal Jacobson says:

    Mike, I’m President of a new PHP User Group in Colorado and we’d love to get on the tour circuit — if not this time (our next meeting is October 29), maybe the next time around. We’ve got a lot of Zend Framework users who are quite interested in what Flex has to offer, and I’m sure there are quite a few more along the I-25 corridor. Please feel free to contact me; I would be eager to help coordinate any event. Thanks![Thanks – I’ve emailed you to discuss. – Mike]

  7. There’s a PHP user group in Philly that would probably love to host one of these events. Is it too late to add another stop? If not, get in touch with me.[Thanks – I’ll contact you directly.]