Flex and Flash Player 10

It’s an exciting day as Flash Player 10 was released to the world. There are lots of cool features related to expressiveness, audio/video, and performance. But what if you aren’t a Flash CS4 user, what if you use Flex to build your Flash applications?

Never fear, Flex 3.2 is on the way! There are nightly builds of 3.2 available now that have the debug version of Player 10 along with configuration files and playerglobal.swc so that you can leverage new features. These SDKs additionally include nightly builds of the AIR 1.5 SDK, which means you can begin testing how you would leverage FP10 features in AIR.

We are waiting until the final build of AIR 1.5 before we officially release 3.2 (and we will have an updater for Flex Builder at the same time). This is still a little ways off. But go ahead and use the nightly build in the meantime! We do have some instructions for using the updated Player with Flex Builder but they may be a little out of date. It will be seamless with FB 3.0.2.

8 Responses to Flex and Flash Player 10

  1. PMac says:

    I am having the same problems as everyone else. Crashes in Itunes & IE. How do I go back to 9?Right now I have no Flash player on my system, since I removed 10.

  2. Gill Taylor says:

    Kept having to disable this plugin in IE as it constantly crashes the browser. This happening when only using Ebay ffs! Have now fully uninstalled as this is ridiculous. Need an alternative or a fix? Any help appreciated.

  3. nagarjuna says:

    my flex web application is getting crash when it is being opened in flash player 10 contained browser…It is major bug for my application please help me how can i fix itMatt says: check the Flash Player bugbase and other forums like flexcoders to look for similar behavior

  4. patrick says:

    IE7 crashing every hour on a flash10a.ocx problem. Any fix yet from Adobe?

  5. ashDotDash says:

    When i use “playerglobal.swc” from 10, Graphics and BitmapData classes are not available. Why? Help me please. I use and SDKs.Matt sez: it probably works but maybe Flex Builder isn’t hinting correctly. Make sure you’ve set -target-player=10 in Flex Builder’s compiler arguments? Note that for proper code hinting you will need to upgrade FB to 3.0.2 when it comes out, which is not yet.

  6. Peter says:

    Hi guys,I installed the Flash 10 player, and I’ve experienced more IE crashes and one case where memory went through the roof. Very clean installation, controlled machine.Not happy.Faulting application iexplore.exe, version 7.0.6001.18000, time stamp 0x47918f11, faulting module Flash10a.ocx, version, time stamp 0x48e83175, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00129d03, process id 0xe48, application start time 0x01c930ea9872b420.

  7. Joc says:

    Will there be a method to switch the flash player in the browser too, for testing with flash 9 for current applications?Matt sez: we don’t provide this kind of tool, but there are 3rd party tools out there

  8. Borek says:

    What’s the story for targeting FP9 and FP10 at the same time? Will it be possible?