Flex and Flash Player 10

It’s an exciting day as Flash Player 10 was released to the world. There are lots of cool features related to expressiveness, audio/video, and performance. But what if you aren’t a Flash CS4 user, what if you use Flex to build your Flash applications?

Never fear, Flex 3.2 is on the way! There are nightly builds of 3.2 available now that have the debug version of Player 10 along with configuration files and playerglobal.swc so that you can leverage new features. These SDKs additionally include nightly builds of the AIR 1.5 SDK, which means you can begin testing how you would leverage FP10 features in AIR.

We are waiting until the final build of AIR 1.5 before we officially release 3.2 (and we will have an updater for Flex Builder at the same time). This is still a little ways off. But go ahead and use the nightly build in the meantime! We do have some instructions for using the updated Player with Flex Builder but they may be a little out of date. It will be seamless with FB 3.0.2.