Flex Developer Survey for Data Visualization

Do you visualize data with your Flex app, or do you think you will some day? Put another way, do you use charts or data grids?

Please take this survey!

One Response to Flex Developer Survey for Data Visualization

  1. mark says:

    What I saw is not a survey. You are selling ilog elixir there. Thanks for wasting my time. You could at least write there how long the commercial is.Adobe sez: Because not every developer knows what ILOG Elixir is, it was necessary to provide a description and a video so that people could answer the questions based on their perception of the product. In this survey we are trying to determine which features of the product deliver the most value to developers. Additionally we are trying to determine the ideal product configuration and pricing. Using the opinions of the hundreds of developers who have completed in the survey, we hope to offer a product that appeals the largest number of developers at the best price.As for mentioning the length of the survey, we typically do not do this because people each work at a different pace so it is difficult to know exactly how long the survey will take. We have heard, however, your recommendation to include an estimate of approximately how long the survey might take. We do try very very hard to keep our surveys as short as possible.