Free Zend and Flex e-Seminar on Wednesday

Lee Brimelow and Matthew O’Phinney from Zend will be delivering a free e-seminar on Wednesday at 10 AM PT about using the Zend Framework and Flex and AIR together. They’ll go over the Zend Framework and the Zend AMF module that allows PHP developers to connect Flex applications to Zend Framework powered applications using AMF. You have to register for the e-seminar to attend.

Lee’s blog has a great overview of using Flash (and Flex) and PHP together.

The Adobe Developer Center is the best place to get started if you’re interested in using Zend and Flex together.

The e-seminar will be recorded, and assuming there aren’t any problems, we’ll post the recording on the PHP page of the Flex Developer Center within 2 weeks.

2 Responses to Free Zend and Flex e-Seminar on Wednesday

  1. thodoris says:

    I am also interested if is available a recorded version of this event or maybe some slides.thank u[The slides aren’t available, but there are recorded versions of all our seminars at – Mike]

  2. Is there any recorded version of the event ??I’ve missed ’cause I was in Singapore :/thanks