Get Flex Certified at MAX

It took us too long to get the Flex 3 certification exam up and running, but it’s here now and we’re offering it at a 33% discount at MAX.

Info can be found here if you
scroll down to the 2nd item from the bottom.

The exam prep guide for Flex can be found here while you can get information on all available exams and study guides here.

4 Responses to Get Flex Certified at MAX

  1. Haissam Abdul Malak says:

    Hello,Is there any practice exam for flex 3 other than the 10 questions given in the ACE exam guide?

  2. Dear Matt chotin,I’m from IRAN.. how can I take a Flex 3 exam?!Is there any way to make it possible?! 😉Matt sez: all training options are listed on the partner site, I don’t know of any options outside of that but others might.

  3. yed says:

    Dear Flex team,I’ve already got my certification for Flex2, I would like to know when will be a Recertification for flex3 comes out?Thanks.Matt sez: my understanding is that you would simply take the new Flex 3 exam which is now available.

  4. I think Silverlight will quickly overtake Flex since programmers can use one language and tool to develop a lot of types of applications.