Bicycles, Flex and LiveCycle Data Services – AMGEN Tour of California

Whether you are a bicycle racing fan or not, this is a very cool use of Flex and Data Services – The Tour Tracker was developed using Adobe Flex® Builder™ and Adobe® LiveCycle®, and is meant to be an immersive Web application that incorporates live video, audio, and real-time data streams of the event. Tour viewers can select from multiple live, high-quality video streams delivered in Flash technology; view multiple picture-in-picture video streams; chat live with other fans; access live updates of photos and video clips during the race, and enjoy live commentary from cycling experts.

You can read the full press release here.

Christophe Coenraets blogged about this during the 2007 race where he describes how LiveCycle Data Services was implemented to bring this cool site to life. This year’s site has some new features but the basic architecture is the same. You can read Christophe’s article here.

The race is underway now so check it out!

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