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Flash Builder beta serial number extension site is now live

Flash Builder 4 beta extension serial numbers are available for all licensed Flex Builder 3 customers. This includes all commercial and education serial numbers. To request a beta extension serial number, you will need to enter your Flex Builder 3 serial number. Please go to the extension request site to obtain a serial to extend FB4 beta.

Your Feedback Requested on Flex / ActionScript Posters

We’re working on updating the Flex 3 and ActionScript posters for Flex 4 and would love your opinion on how they’re being used. With the addition of the Spark component set for Flex 4, we think that there may be too many classes now to put all the information on one set of posters (the existing set is 5 posters for all Flex, AIR and Flash Player packages.)

What’s your opinion? What do you use the posters for? Would it be OK for just the class names on the posters, and then use the ActionScript 3 API guide for details? I’d love your opinion on how you use the posters so we can make them even better for Flex 4.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the posters and would like a set, fill out the form and have a set mailed to you for free.)

Blueprint Flash Builder Plug-in for Code Examples Released on Adobe Labs

If you’re curious as to how you can query code examples inline from your development environment, Blueprint is definitely worth your while. Blueprint was released last week on Adobe Labs with support for Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4.

[via Flex Doc Team blog]

Blueprint is an innovative code-centric search application, initially delivered as an Eclipse plug-in. It is a custom search tool that searches only for code (for now, it searches just for MXML and ActionScript). So, for example, if you search for DataGrid, it returns a set of code examples that use the Flex DataGrid control. But what’s really cool is that you can easily highlight, copy, and paste chunks of code right into your application, all without leaving Flex/Flash Builder.

For more information, please see the Blueprint site on Adobe Labs and you can find more examples here.

Upcoming Open Beta Meetings

Open Beta Meeting for new and beginner Flex developers
When: June 22nd at 10AM – 11AM PDT (Find your time zone here)
Where: (Please enter the room as a ‘guest’ using your First and Last name)

Open Beta Meeting for intermediate and advanced Flex developers
When: June 23rd at 9:30AM – 10:30AM PDT (Find your time zone here)
Where: (Please enter the room as a ‘guest’ using your First and Last name)

We hope you’ve had a chance to get your hands dirty with the Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 betas. You’ve heard us talk about what’s new and what we think is cool, but now it is your chance tell us about your experience with the betas.

We’ll be having two Open Beta Meetings – one for new and beginner Flex users and the other for more advanced folks. These meetings will be an opportunity for us to gather feedback from the community. Below we’ve provided some areas in particular we’d like feedback on, however, this meeting will primarily be led by you.

We’d primarily like you to focus on the workflow and features, so if you have bugs please file these in the Flex Bug System and if your having other difficulties, please also post to the Labs forums.

Food for thought:

  • What was your biggest pain points in the Flex 4.0 beta?
  • What were the first problems that you ran into and how did you get around them?
  • How is the skinning experience overall? What are the hardest parts? How might it be improved?
  • Have you had any difficulties using both Spark and Halo components mixed in the same application? What was the combination, and what were the difficulties?
  • The Spark component set and its features are certainly not complete yet, and will not be complete when we release Flex 4.0. But is there anything missing from Spark whose absence is particularly problematic for you?
  • Have you noticed any significant performance problems? Which components or scenarios?
  • Additionally, what else do you believe is missing from Flex 4.0?

Free Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst e-Seminars Next Week

We have three free online seminars next week that will walk through the new features of Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst for you. Next Tuesday we’ll have a session for PHP developers, on Wednesday we have a session on Flash Catalyst, and on Thursday we have a session for ColdFusion developers. Get more information on the seminars, and others that we have planned in the upcoming months.

Flex 4 SDK Beta Released!

We’re excited to announce that Flex 4 SDK beta (previously code named Gumbo) is now available on our Labs page! Go check out Labs for more details and to download the beta. Also, be sure to check out Matt Chotin’s What’s new in the Flex 4 SDK Beta and Joan Lafferty’s Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 articles. This beta release also coincides with the beta release of both Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst.

We’ll be having an community Open Beta Meeting at the end of June for you to give the team feedback, stay tuned for details. In the meantime, you can discuss the beta on the Labs forums.

Enjoy the beta!