Your Feedback Requested on Flex / ActionScript Posters

We’re working on updating the Flex 3 and ActionScript posters for Flex 4 and would love your opinion on how they’re being used. With the addition of the Spark component set for Flex 4, we think that there may be too many classes now to put all the information on one set of posters (the existing set is 5 posters for all Flex, AIR and Flash Player packages.)

What’s your opinion? What do you use the posters for? Would it be OK for just the class names on the posters, and then use the ActionScript 3 API guide for details? I’d love your opinion on how you use the posters so we can make them even better for Flex 4.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the posters and would like a set, fill out the form and have a set mailed to you for free.)

19 Responses to Your Feedback Requested on Flex / ActionScript Posters

  1. David says:

    A PDF or an application , with search function THAT would be niceI love the posters but they are to big to put on you desk 🙂 , for searching something.But when you can put it on the wall , than it becomes very HANDYA sepporated poster or pdf for the visuals classes and skinning things , that would be a plus for me.[You can get the PDF at – Mike.]

  2. David says:

    I actually found this page since I was looking for the posters. The form keeps giving me a 404 when I fill it out so I don’t even know if I’m submitting the request to get them. I’m new to Flex and was hoping these posters would help me. Is there a good hard copy reference book for Flex that I could get as well? Just something along the lines of “I forget the parameters of this tag, let me look that up” without having to pull up the API every time.Thanks![Thanks – we’re looking into this problem. – Mike Potter]

  3. Gerry Smith says:

    As of 11 oct (today), when I tried to order the posters, clicking on the submit button produces a 404 error. Clicking the link for the PDF version of the posters leads to the order form, which in turn produces the 404. Any idea whats up with this? I’m a Flex novice, I’d like the old-school posters with full class decriptions/details… but would take any you offer (I am hoping this is broken because youre updating the posters…..)[I’m looking into this – we’ve had a number of people tell us about this problem now. – Mike Potter]

  4. Keith Johnston says:

    I also think there are too many posters and that the method names are unnecessary.Also I would like (in addition to a poster) a Flex app that lets you zoom in and out instead of the posters.[Thanks for the comment! We’ll be sure to get a PDF of the posters up that allows you to Zoom in / Out (and search) – Mike]

  5. Chuck Simpson says:

    Just show the Packages with the Class / Interface names in the boxes and the inheritance / implementation arrows. The method info is not needed.

  6. Robin Thomas says:

    It has been very usefull to me, even though very extensive.Keep the good work, expecting the same with the next release.

  7. Ramda says:

    There is no doubt that this set of posters help me a lot, specially as a reference. I’d like to see some improvements in next set.In my opinion the posters are too large in size, where it is very difficult to handle. rather than 5 large poseter it would be better if we can increase the number of posters and reduce the size of the posters. And of course increasing the font size will be better. Anyway reducing the content will not be a good option. But implicit getters and setters seems redundant. I suggest to show classes with their members and other methods[except implicit getters and setters]

  8. todd says:

    I have the posters, still in the tubes.Make a Rich Internet Application that starts out with a high-level view and allows you to zoom into each specific class. This way you can see how things relate, but get the detailed data.As far as what the people above said about a handbook? I don’t get it, the ASDocs let you find anything really fast. And now with FB4, you’ll be able to see inline in the editor!Time to eat some dogfood!

  9. Personally I like the posters. I use them while giving flex and ActionScript classes. They are very useful. Perhaps just re-organize them in categories like “Dev” says: Core, UI, Data and Services, Skinning, Effects, Media, etc.

  10. Any chance of getting these posters if you don’t own a copy of Flex Builder? I’d be happy to pay a small sum for them but I’m stuck with the SDK as I can’t justify paying for the IDE when I’m just learning on my own time.

  11. Adam says:

    Just ordered them. Thanks!I have seen the posters before though, and the class names would be enough for a quick reference. The full set is kinda’ cool though.

  12. I’ll prefer if the class names only are used. And like Nate mentioned, it would also be preferable to have all the details in the printed handbook. It’s a lot more convenient carrying the handbook, reading it on a bus or train ride back home, than carrying posters about.

  13. I’ll prefer if the class names only are used. And like Nate mentioned, it would also be preferable to have all the details in the printed handbook. It’s a lot more convenient carrying the handbook, reading it on a bus or train ride back home, than carrying posters about.

  14. Dev says:

    I think the posters should be re-organized according to its purposes, here is my suggested organization:Core: The most fundamental constructs to Flash Platform like Display List, Security Sandbox, …..UI: All the visual components for user interaction like controls, container, …..Data and Services: All the data-driven constructs like charting, OLAP, DataGrid, Data Modelling, WebServices, HTTPServices ….Skinning, Graphic and FXG: Cover all the classes related to Drawing APIs, Skinning and FXG specification.Effects, Filters and Shaders: Cover everythings about the Effect Classes, Tweening, Transition, Filters and Pixel Bender shaders.Text: All the constructs handling fonts, text formats and everythings in Text Layout Framework….Media: All the multimedia stuffs like Sound, Video, Camera, Microphone ….Desktop: The specified features only available to AIR, like Network Monitoring, File Management, Local Database, ……External: All the stuffs about the interoperability between Flash Platform and external world, like ExternalInterface, Accessibility, SEO, and so on…..

  15. Ian Watkins says:

    Really liked the posters but difficult to have enough space to display them all. When I was first learning I would be looking at them again and again, and is a fantastic way to see the relationship between different classes (something livedocs cannot show).I think you need to totally review the docs (posters, API, livedocs) and come up with a different way. I really like the idea of having the livedocs for a particular SDK release to be available as hard copy or even just a PDF. I often want to browse the docs rather than going after something specific and you can only currently do that in livedocs which requires you to be sat in front of a machine.If I could do so via hard copy or offline on a PDA, laptop etc. using a PDF (or anything else really) I would actually learn more, more quickly.

  16. Tony Fendall says:

    For me, the posters are purely there to impress clients and other visitors to the office.As far a references go, the posters will never be able to compare to the existing online language reference.

  17. Joeflash says:

    There are two things that set the posters apart from just a list of classes in the RIA guide, or any electronic reference:1) I can see how everything fits together in a few large UML diagrams (i.e. composition, inheritance and interface relationships), at a single glance. This helps me when I’m trying to extend the framework, or find a class/API that may be able to do what I want without having to reinvent the wheel.2) Exploring areas of the Flash and Flex frameworks that may have escaped my notice, knowing where the gaps in my knowledge lie, so that when I get a spare moment I can explore parts of it I’ve never used before.This is why I don’t mind the size, as it would be more difficult to get the gist of these relationships with smaller posters. And they look cool in a geeky kind of way, saves me looking at blank walls.

  18. Nate Beck says:

    I personally have all of the posters on the wall in my office. At first I used them as a reference when I was first getting into AIR. However, now they are mostly there for decoration.I would be okay if the new posters just had class names… but it would be really cool if we could get a printed copy of the API guide with the posters… much like the ones that were handed out at MAX 08.

  19. TJ Downes says:

    While I love the current posters, they are simply too big. I can’t really hang them on the wall as is, in my home office. That would just be ghetto :)I think if there were a few of them and they were small enough to frame inexpensively I would use them often!