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Flex 4 Beta Update

The Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 betas have now been out for a few weeks and we’re very excited to see so many folks playing with them, asking questions on the forums, and posting examples of what they’ve done. From the time we first started showing Gumbo we’ve been monitoring feedback, especially around the experience of using the Spark and Halo components together. While we know that in general using both models together is possible, we’ve decided that there are a number of smaller things that we can do (many suggested by you) to make the experience that much better for both new and existing users.

We’ve therefore decided that we need some more time to take your feedback into account, and are going to release a second public beta this fall. This will give us an opportunity to make the enhancements required, and get additional feedback from the community. Given the second beta, we anticipate the release of Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 to move from late 2009 to early 2010.

On the Open Source Flex SDK side, we’re planning to host another open iteration meeting in the next few weeks to discuss all of the changes that we’re considering. We’ll also be looking for feedback on things we can do in our docs and messaging to make sure that users from all backgrounds are successful in adopting Flex 4. Stay tuned here for the announcement of that meeting. And keep using the beta, filing bugs, and communicating with us via the forums!

Blogs from the source

Here’s a fairly comprehensive list of blogs maintained by engineers on the Flex, Flash Builder, and Catalyst teams. You’ll find plenty of examples, tutorials, tips and tricks, and discussion on new features available in our betas.

(in no particular order 🙂 they’re all awesome)

Flex team:

Matt Chotin’s Blog

Flex Examples – numerous Flex examples


flexreport – a discussion of the less intuitive aspects of Flex components and applications

Pete’s Blog

Daniel Koestler – AIR, Flex, Flash, and other Adobe technology

Peter deHaan – Confessions of a Flex QA

Hans Muller’s Flex Blog – a technical blog about the Flex 4 (Gumbo) API (stay tuned for posts about new Flex support for scrolling and layout virtualization)

Flex Butterflies and Bugs – Flex news, workarounds for bugs and solutions for common problems, from a quality perspective

Codependent – graphics and animation with Flex and the Flash platform

Frish’s blog – Flex 4 (Gumbo)

iamdeepa on flex

Flexponential – DataGroup, List, virtualization, Flex Component Kit, and more

Quietly Scheming – examples and custom components

Evtimmy – custom layouts

Alex’s Flex Closet – examples and discussion of common problems, especially around memory management and item renderers

Tips and Tools of Flex – tools in the Flex SDK

Flex Spaghetti – code samples, tips, and a couple ramblings about the Flex bug database

Just Suppose – UI, Flex, and Flash

Flash Builder team:

Getting and Setting – Builder coding features like refactoring and code generation

mikemo – Builder debugger

Tim Buntel’s Web Log – Flex particularly relating to the ColdFusion

Flex Thoughts – Flex charts, general IDE features and DCD (Data Centric Development) features of Builder

Marking Occurrences – Flash Builder language intelligence features such as Find References

Radhakrishna’s blog

Flex Automation – Automation of Flex apps

A Flex Enthusiast!

Flex Guard
– Builder DCD for LCDS and BlazeDS servers, using Profiler and Network Monitor features of Builder 4

My Take On Tech – DMV Charts and more to come on PHP workflow (DCRAD)

Exploring Flex – DCD workflow of Builder – details of the wizards that form DCD

Sujit Reddy G – The Evangelist – DCD features in Builder

The GLog (Geek bLOG) – Flash Builder, Eclipse and Java

Catalyst team:

much ado about something – Flex/AIR/Flash Catalyst

Flex and Flash Builder Betas Feedback Survey

If you’ve had a chance to play around with the Flex and Flash Builder betas, we’d greatly appreciate getting your feedback on your experience. Please take 15 minutes to fill out our survey. Thanks for your help!